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Alternate Titles
  • Crime Sex
Notes and Reviews

Tanya Hansen film. DVD, German and English.

Cathy Barry plays Victoria Hamilton, a woman imprisoned for sexual deviancy in a future Britain where extra-marital sex is illegal. Katie-Ann Day plays her warder - or is she a fellow prisoner called Warden? In one of the links Katie fetches Cathy a glass of wine - a very futuristic prison this, or a modern Dutch one.

Cathy describes her exploits to Katie and these are the links between a series of flashbacks - routine sex scenes, some of which may be from the Tanya Hansen vaults, as it were.

  • Rebecca Lee and Aaron - anal and facial.
  • Rachel Sykes and Laura Thompson, includes use of strap on.
  • Steve Thorpe spies on Chloe Monroe and Carissa Brown, then is invited to join in and fucks them both in various positions to a shared facial. This scene is notable for the volume of sound achieved by Carissa Brown.
  • Katie-Ann Day tells of spying on an unmarried couple having sex in a hospital - Tanya Hansen dressed as a nurse with a male patient. Cumshot over bum.
  • Maria Glasgow fondling herself in a shower, joined by Storme who fucks her from behind standing up. They then move out to a white plastic inflated chair where he goes down on her and they fuck in various positions before he cums over her belly.
  • Finally there is a lesbian scene between Cathy and Katie until they are discovered by another (or a real) warden (voice only).

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