< Fat Freddie's English Fuckers 7 DVD available

Director: Fat Freddie
Notes: STB H-1557
Alternate Titles
  • Freddie's British Sluts 6 R18 DVD available Load XXX
Notes and Reviews

Freddie has employed a second cameramen for this film, which has increased the scope for better filming of the sex and slightly more varied scenarios.

  • Freddie is jogging along the prom and meets Jodie (Amber [5]). He chats her up about modelling and, back at his place, she dresses in a schoolgirl uniform for her photo shoot. She strips and masturbates on the bed and he joins her there for b/g action, finally cumming over her tits.
  • Jacqui Duerden is a tour guide, fed up with getting no tips. Freddie tries to persuade her to model for him, but eventually resorts to daring her into doing a porn film. The acting is a bit stilted, but it is great to see Jacqui in uncensored action at last. Again the schoolgirl outfit gets worn (briefly) and the b/g action includes a titty fuck and facial, though this is not very visible.
  • Sandie Caine is a nurse followed by Freddie along the beach and chatted up. He pretends to be ill in the pub and she takes him home and puts him to bed. He persuades her to model and the usual sequence follows to facial - but the cameraman is a bit slow to zoom in on this. Sandie looks great and again it is great to see her in uncensored b/g action for the first time.
  • Charmaine [2] drops her mobile phone, the cameraman picks it up. This gives an excuse for a chat up. She pretends to be shocked at the idea of a hard core video shoot, but the usual scene follows to facial.

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