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Notes: Mask Video Productions
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Gilly Sampson/Joanne Bache: Both girls look great in white lace-tops. A bit of preliminary chit-chat leads to Joanne shaving the tiny tuft of hair that is Gilly's usual pubic adornment: so a necessarily brief episode. The guitarist from a local tapas bar attempts, mostly unsuccessfully, to drown out the subsequent banter between the girls. Gilly then repays the favour with a Ladyshave, and there are some good views of Joanne's bald pussy: this girl is all too rare on video. Alas, the scene ends abruptly upon completion of the task. Perhaps they both had hot dates.

Tracy Bevist: The Star Turn of this video. In black hold-ups, she verbally fantasises while masturbating enthusiastically, then manages to use a whole can of Gillette foam while shaving. She then proceeds to ream herself with two fingers, and the juices really flow ..... she follows this up with a very large vibrator, and more foam liberally applied to face and tits. More juices ensue: this girl must have horrendous laundry bills - but I'd happily pay them for her. Worth the purchase price just for this scene.

Bridget (Napinder Singh): A pale subcontinental well past the first flush of youth, with, as she says, pubes just re-growing after a previous depilation. She wet-shaves herself with all the finesse of a hippo dancing Swan Lake: however, she only misses a few large tufts. The scene ends with some posed flap-shots. And that's about it: her best features are her educated Indian accent and long, very shiny black head-hair.

Sarah/Shirley: I don't know (or indeed care) which is which. Two very large ladies, one of whom (thankfully) remains clothed throughout. The other, in black fishnets, is very laboriously but very thoroughly shaved. Strictly for fans of larger ladies.

Again linked by Vanessa Brannan, the shots are clear but repetitive and the picture quality is very good. The music is less irritating than in some Mask tapes, and you can hear most of the dialogue: they at least had the good sense to tone it down a bit during Tracy's scene. The first scene, although starring two lovely girls, is spoilt by the lack of close-ups and extremely rushed feel. The third and fourth are substandard in terms of glamour, leaving Tracy's scene as the only one worth a second look. Very disappointing, but Tracy's effort is a doozy.

83 mins.

Review by JJ

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