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Notes: Mask Video Productions
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Vicky Holloway/Amanda Hatter: Both girls start off attractively naked but for heels, and during a very brief scene each shaves off what little hair they had to start with. There are very few close-ups of the shaving and none of the final result. At the end they both look faintly embarrassed, and eager to leave. Perhaps they had both left the gas on. One stunner and one attractive girl wasted.

Camilla (Isabella): This lady had previously left me cold in her multitudinous Fiona Cooper appearances: she reminds me of a rather uptight Games mistress. That said, she shaves herself efficiently enough, with her black hose staying on, and we get a short close-up at the end.

Louise [8]: In red bra and s&s, this attractive girl had more hair than the previous two to cope with, and this shows as the single razor she was issued with grows gradually more and more blunt. She re-applies foam at the director's behest and goes at it again, but is still left with untidy stray stubble. She seemed glad to get it over with, and who could blame her? Talk about spoiling the ship for a ha'p'orth of tar ......

Vanessa [2]: A departure in terms of setting, she looks stunning in a basque pulled down to expose her magnificent boobs, with her legs in black hold-ups spread wide, being photographed on a stool on a studio set. There are good close-ups of her shaving around her long pussy-lips and prominent hood, and fondling those amazing tits, marred a little by the photographer's flash-gun. She's done this before, and it shows: her pubis is rapidly depilated to silky smoothness, with lots of erotic manipulation of the labia. The scene ends all too quickly with some wonderful close-ups of her pussy.

The remit of this title is too narrow: the act of depilation on its own is of strictly limited appeal, and there is too little after-the-event footage to appeal to fans of depilated pussies per se .......... a run time of only 56 mins. further lessens its appeal. If the tape had been stretched to around the 90 min. mark by the inclusion, for instance, of some dildo-play at the end of each scene, then the product would have been vastly more marketable. As it is, only the last scene could stand alone, and even that is deficient. The girls in scenes one and three were criminally wasted. The music soundtrack adds nothing: quite the contrary.

On the plus side, the picture quality is excellent and the shot-choice (the slow-mo aside) slightly broader than is the norm for Mask. There are the usual Vanessa B. links.

Review by JJ

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