< Freddie's British Tarts 4

Released: 2003 (2010 for DVD)
Notes: STB H-1899
Alternate Titles
  • Freddie's British Sluts 12 R18 DVD available Load XXX
Notes and Reviews

The usual Freddie scenes.

  • Freddie is working as a gardener for Autumn who seduces him. The dialogue is stilted and the seduction is too quick to be realistic, but it is good to see Autumn in action.
  • Freddie is stopped by a policewoman (Heidi) wearing miniskirt and stockings (yeah, right) who is persuaded to come back to his place for a photoshoot. Here the lighting is far too yellow.
  • Nikki, the statuesque black girl from the Mask videos, is chatted up at the harbour and is more than willing to come back to Freddie's place.
  • Alyssa, a cute blonde, is chatted up while window shopping. She turns out to be a lap dancer who will do anything to get into films - and she does.

Some fine girls in this one, but I'm afraid it is all too obvious that the cumshots are faked.

The tape includes trailers of Freddie films, including the as yet unreleased Freddie's All Anal Babes in which Sashy Lee could be recognised.

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