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Released: 2003
Notes: www.freddiesworld.com
Notes and Reviews

Freddie is now selling his own stuff from www.freddiesworld.com. Thanks to him for the review copy.

This is a new series, but in the same style as before.

First they meet Nicky, a Danish girl, on the seafront, a sexy blonde who turns out to have slightly enhanced boobs. She is a commercial model supposedly hired for a tourist type film and photoshoot, but Freddie bets his cameraman he can get to shag her. Pictures are taken in various locations and the poses get raunchier. Eventually Freddie persuades her to go topless, but not outdoors. So it's back inside for some topless poses and eventually she is persuaded to take her knickers off and do some finger insertions. This turns her on enough to ask Freddie to fuck her. So he does, in all the usual positions, including anal, as the title promises, to facial.

There is a good slow build up to this scene.

The second scene begins at a county cricket ground where Sasha (Sashy Lee) is a waitress who asks Freddie to help her put up a parasol. A bit of groping quickly puts her in the mood and they are soon back to the flat, and they get down to it on the bed immediately. The unscripted dialogue here sounds a lot better than the scripted stuff at the start of the scene; so it was probably wise to cut that short. Again they go through the positions including anal to a cumshot over the chest.

In the third scene Freddie is out on the moors building a dry stone wall for a bet when 'schoolgirl' Morgan stops to ask the way to Oldham - cue corny joke. If there is any seduction here it is Morgan who does it, but she practically leaps on him. Back inside there is plenty of foreplay, however, before they get down to the harder action, though the anal this time is fairly brief.

Lastly, a lovely oriental girl (Bee), is hiking on the moors and asks Freddie the way to a bed and breakfast. Naturally he offers his own place. Language difficulties here seemed to prevent any dialogue, though the girl does speak some isolated and presumably coached sentences, after which the scene follows the usual course.

Variations on the usual Freddie scenario are presented and some work better than others. However, it is good to see an improvement in the indoor lighting which, among other things results in a vastly improved picture quality in those scenes, especially the third one, and also much better editing than in the videos released by STB.

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