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Released: 2003
Notes: www.freddiesworld.com
Notes and Reviews

Thanks to Freddie for the review copy.

The same formula as usual. Freddie is out with his cameraman trying to get girls to appear in his films by fair means or by deceit, usually by deceit, but in the first case by misunderstanding. Pizza delivery girl Jamie Woods (where was the pizza?) is mistaken for the model Freddie is waiting for, but this is not discovered until the end of the scene as she agrees to be filmed. There is some seemingly deliberate sending up of film-making with Freddie fluffing his lines and saying 'Cut!' and then saying something outrageous to Jamie when she says 'Cut!'. Credit to Freddie for making the effort to provide some sort of build up and scenario, but I think he would do better to improvise the lines rather than script them. This scene is the best in this respect as, of the four girls in this video, Jamie is the most experienced at delivering lines, but even she sounds a little unnatural. Then, after the chat-up, it's back to the flat and down to sex.

The next three scenes follow on in similar vein. Cathryn is supposedly a nurse on her way home and Freddie fakes an accident. Tracey Lain is a German tourist visiting the moors, rather mature for the schoolgirl she is supposed to be; and Tracey G is hanging out the washing when Freddie fakes a strained thigh.

There are some reasonable jokes, but delivered in a stilted way, and the sex scenes follow the standard pattern, including anal as the title says - but so they do in 99% of all the porn videos produced these days. Every girl in this looks great and the last three I've not seen do b/g before. Whatever else he does Freddie seems to get in there first in quite a lot of cases.

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