< Freddie's All Anal Babes 3

Released: 2003
Notes: www.freddiesworld.com
Notes and Reviews

Thanks to Freddie for the review copy.

The mixture as before.

New girl Liz [4] who, as Freddie's fitness instructor, takes him on a run through the park. They break off for a grope behind a shed. Back inside she changes into a slinky red PVC dress, but it doesn't stay on long.

Freddie meets Faye Rampton dressed as a highly improbable novice nun who confesses reservations about her vocation as she will miss the sex. Freddie persuades her to 'model' for him.

Freddie meets Chloe [12] on the seafront. She has just had a row with her boyfriend and the inevitable follows.

Kat Varga is a foreign student who has been observed by Freddie in the park. He frightens her into his arms and out of her clothes with a pretend rat.

The last three deliver their lines naturally, albeit in an East European accent in the last case, and it's always good to see Faye and Kat Varga in action.

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