< Freddie's Filthy Fuckers 2

Released: 2003
Notes: www.freddiesworld.com
Notes and Reviews

Thanks to Freddie for the review copy.

Freddie has found another fine set of girls for this one, a couple of whom have been seen in American videos. Before they were famous possibilities present themselves.

Cheryl [3] happens to meet Freddie in some sort of park shelter and discovers the dildos he has just hidden under the seat. The chat up here is very abrupt and the cameraman fluffs his lines. Then it's back inside ...

Tall, blonde Charlie is in fact Bonnie Heart and Freddie and Igor find her taking photographs and don't take long in presuading her to pose indoors. The unscripted dialogue once the actions starts sounds much more natural than the scripted stuff outside.

Tracey G (also to be seen in Freddie's All Anal Babes 2, but nice to see again) throws Freddie out of the cinema, but is persuaded to do a video shoot. This includes anal.

Annya provides the best scene because she is very uninhibited both in the opening chat-up sequence and later on. They are supposed to be making a promotional video for her amateur operatic society's production of South Pacific and she prances about enthusiastically, singing snatches of song. When she is persuaded to do a rather raunchier video, she takes on Freddie and another man indoors, including a DP.

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