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Released: 2003
Director: Vic Bishop
Notes: Palomino Pictures
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 100 mins.

Young professionals Ashley and Simone have been shopping with Jay Scarman. They return to Simone's house where her partner, Steve Hooper, is waiting. Simone decides to have a bath and afterwards lies on the bed and fantasises about being caressed by three women in a cellar: Kellemarie, Karina Clarke and Taylor. After a while Ashley goes to investigate and starts to stroke Simone, which is intercut with Simone with the other three girls. Ashley undresses as this turns into 5-way girl action.

Eventually Steve goes to the bedroom and Ashley leaves to find Jay and they make their way to the conservatory to have sex on an old chest, couch and floor; this includes anal.

Meanwhile, and for no apparent reason, Mark Sloan is reviewing the girls in the cellar - unbelievably he rejects the naked Karina, Taylor, and the terminally gorgeous Kellemarie, but selects Simone, who is chained and wearing leather. The chains are removed and they have sex, which includes anal, on a big divan. The scene cuts back to Simone's bedroom where sex with Steve is progressing and includes anal (doggie and cowgirl).

Both couples then return to the lounge and swap partners, although there is little interaction between couples during the action, which includes anal and ends with facials.

Nice, if a little confusing attempt at a plot. Also a little unbalanced with Simone getting shagged all over the place while the likes of Karina Clarke getting only girl/girl. But hey, it's Simone's fantasy.

Review by Bayleaf

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Fantasy Fuck is one of those films which tries very hard, but fails to hit the mark. Apart from the opening sequence with Simone, Ashley and Jay coming home, you are never quite sure what is supposed to be real and what fantasy. The problem is compounded by the director having a number of scenes running in parallel and cutting between them.

After having a bath, Simone relaxes on the bed and starts to drop off to sleep. She finds herself naked in a white-painted cellar surrounded by three blondes: Kellemarie, Karina Clarke and Taylor. The girls start to massage oil into her body while in the real world (or another dream) Ashley enters her bedroom to caress her tits. Back in the cellar the girls fill Simone's fanny with a double ended dildo. Kellemarie laps at her clit as she is toyed. With moans and groans the four indulge in a little sucking and finger fucking. Ashley pulls down her panties to munch on minge. Legs apart the cellar girls grind their pussies together, Simone climaxes and Ashley tastes the result.

Steve Hooper takes over between Simone's legs while Ashley pops off to find Jay. Lying on a chest in the conservatory, Ashley has her legs ajar so Jay can lap at her pussy. His tongue moves down to probe her arse as he fingers her. Taking hold of Jay's cock, Ashley starts to suck. The couple twist to 69. The dick is then jammed into her pussy as she rides. Turning her over, Jay then slips his cock into Ashley's arse all the way up to his balls. Sweat forming on his brow, Jay leans Ashley over the chest to take her doggy.

A sudden change and we are back in the cellar, this time with Mark Sloan. Simone, clad in black leather and PVC, is chained up. Mark runs his hands over her body then unzips her knickers to get at her pussy. Released, Simone strips and falls to the floor. Mark follows, his tongue exploring her lips. She takes his cock deep down her throat. His cock stiff, Simone goes for a ride, before taking it up her arse doggy. Steve sucks at her nipples on the bed as in Mark's world she receives a facial. Simone reaches for Steve's staff and wraps her lips around it. The two shag in a number of positions ending with Steve's cock up Simone's arse.

Downstairs, Ashley is still being bashed up the bum (we had forgotten about her and Jay) when Steve and Simone trot in (aren't they still on the bed?). The guys swap girls, Ashley thrusting down on Steve's manhood as Simone spreads her legs to take Jay's dick. The girls bite at each other's boobs as they are bonked, Simone filling her bum and Ashley her pussy. As the camera pulls back, Simone and Jay have gone!! Ashley kneels to have her face sprayed in spunk. In the next shot the pair are back for Simone to take jizz over her tits ... But wait she's still on the bed!!!!

While the action may be passable the plot certainly isn't. There are too many dreams within dreams and scenes left half finished. A very confusing film to watch.

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