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Released: 2003
Notes and Reviews

This is the second offering from Mr Badger, a new production company. The young male performers, with names like badger, squirrel and foxy, are all drawn from the production crew and generally deliver amateur performances. The production quality is generally low, scripting and scene setting poor and editing not much better. These could be excused if there were a number of fresh female faces, but they have, in the main, hired established talent all of whom have given better performances elsewhere.

In the first scene, Summer's car has broken down and she calls at Badger Towers to use the toilet, this she does and is filmed pissing in the bath. She then decides to stay on for a shagging, which includes anal and dp. She breaks off for more pissing in the bath and returns for a double facial.

Sheena, wearing just pants, is introduced without preamble with the cameraman feeling her up. He soon gets his cock inside her before a second cameraman records the rest of the scene. These days Sheena is a confident porn performer, but just as she's getting into her groove they abruptly cut to Leyli who is undressing prior to sucking cock. Within a few moments she's being given a light shagging followed by a facial and the sudden reappearance of Sheena.

Tilly and Wiillow, wrapped in large flags, spend an extended and ridiculous introduction explaining they have landed on the roof and lost their clothes and - oh god you'll fast forward this drivel, I did. The girls strip for some gg action which ends with Willow leaving to look for Mr Badger.

After more juvenile banter we find Maryissa getting felt up by Mr Badger, the scene continues with cock sucking and a dildo for Maryissa. Suddenly Faye Rampton pops up, licks Maryissa's pussy then gets a 30 second doggyfuck and a quick cumshot.

Back downstairs Tilly is still waiting on the sofa. Badger and Willow return and the action begins. Tilly gets fucked in a couple of positions before Badger moves onto Willow. When Tilly straddles Willow, Badger fucks them both swapping between each pussy making the most arousing moments of the film as both girls kiss each other. But this action is short-lived and Badger cums over the girls' faces.

A disappointing film which, surprisingly, has been picked up by US Raw Video. More productions have been promised but none have materialised.

Review by Bayleaf

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