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Released: 2004
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
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Mark Sloan plays John Harper, who is helping the police with their enquiries in this blockbuster from Relish. Mark is trying to explain to DI Topperov (Steve Hooper) and DI Nurmi (Claudia) what has happened to him since he met a goth girl in a Soho bar a couple of days ago.

Mark meets Venetia (Janca) in a bar and he invites her back to his flat, which sparks the interest of a couple of heavies in wide-brimmed hats and full-length coats (played by 'Vincent Van Goth' and 'Blake Death'). Back at the flat Mark fucks Janca on the sofa, face to face and reverse cowgirl, then, as Mark rests after the facial, Janca sinks her fangs into Mark's neck.

Janca leaves while Mark dreams of Angel and Sarah, cast as twins, naked together. This sequence is nicely shot and brightly lit with some post-production effects. The action is mild but pleasing and quite short.

Mark wakes to find the heavies, Makepeace and Headcase, standing over him. Unsure whether he has been completely corrupted they take him to meet main man Vlad the Impaler (Pascal White and called Gladys the Inhaler in the credits) back at the club. Janca pleads with Pascal (with inhaler) for Mark's life. Meanwhile, in an alcove of the cellar-bar, vampire Kat Varga and Ian Tate are fucking each other. Sex includes anal in doggy and a good facial as Kat wanks Ian to a climax.

DI Steve listens incredulously to this story and despatches DI Nurmi to the club to investigate. Mark's story continues as Makepeace and Headcase (thoroughly enjoying their roles with lots of slick jokey dialogue) force him to go and kill prostitute Lucy. Mark pleads with Lucy that she is in danger, but she's just interested in servicing her punter. Lucy fucks Mark in her streetslut outfit and her pants pulled aside with a good deep reverse cowgirl in her dimly lit flat. As Mark cums over her belly M&H appear ready to kill them both, but Mark escapes to the police. However he's still finding it hard to convince DI Steve.

Makepeace returns to the club where Pascal is playing snooker with Paul Mycock. The pair break off to fuck Avalon and Cheryl. Janca returns and joins the action. Paul fucks all three girls while Pascal sevices just Cheryl and Avalon. At the end the three girls sit in line as the guys shoot over their tits.

Back at the station DI Nurmi has returned with a strange glint in her eye and when she's left alone with Mark she leaps upon him and they fuck in the interview room. When Steve returns with the coffees he joins in with anal for Claudia ending with a double facial, followed by the arrival of Makepiece and Headcase for revenge ...

There's lots to enjoy in this film. The sex is good and hard, as it should be, and enhanced by the fetishist costumes which generally stay on during the action. The main characters give reasonable accounts of themselves when delivering their lines except for Mark Sloan, who manages to inject some real feeling into his role. The bizarre duo of Makepeace and Headcase are excellent and have a few genuinely funny lines. It's worth listening carefully to the dialogue (and listen carefully you have to) because the sound is atrocious which does detract from an otherwise excellent production. The Relish team set and achieve the highest standards in Britporn today, but for God's sake Jimi, get yourself a boom operator.

Review by Bayleaf

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