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Released: 2004
Director: Cash Markman
Notes: Legend
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Running time: 80 mins.

Veteran director Cash Markman has produced a film with five short scenes where the guys and girls talk about, then enact, some of their fantasies. Two of the scenes involve British girls, Roxanne Hall, who after 12 years in adult films still hasn't had enough, and Layla~Jade.

Roxanne appears first, with Randy Spears, she tells of her life and loves in the industry. As the conversation progresses she leans further forward allowing her tits to pop out of her red dress. Her fantasy - Lying on the bed in a jail cell Roxanne plays with herself teasing guard Randy. He unzips his pants pushing his prick through the bars to be sucked. Roxanne runs her hand gently up and down the shaft before taking the cock deep in her mouth. When it emerges it's wet and slippy. Turning, Roxanne eases her self back on Randy's dick, her bum pressed hard against the bars of the cage. Entering the cell Randy sits between Roxanne's legs, his head back lapping at her pussy, she slides down his body and ends riding him reverse cowgirl. She turns onto her side and Randy continues pumping her pussy, Roxanne rubbing hard on her clit. Crouching, she gets a face full of cream.

The second scene has Layla~Jade standing by a stream in a summer dress. Her fantasy is to be taken up the arse by a complete stranger. In the studio she meets a guy she has never worked with or seen before, Jay Z. her fantasy is about to be realised. Layla~Jade, in her black and blue lingerie, lies back on the sofa to fondle her tits as Jay strokes her pussy through her panties. His fingers are nice, but Layla~Jade finds his tongue between her legs even better. Going down, Layla~Jade tastes Jay's dick as he stretches her arse ready for cock. She rides him in the pussy to start then turns on all fours to experience his full length up her bum. Jay bangs away, his balls bashing Layla~Jade's cunt till he is ready to cum. With her big blue eyes gazing at the cock it covers Layla~Jade's face and tits in cream.

Whilst the action in the film is very nicely shot the big problem with this film is the scene length. Over a third of each 15 minute scene is taken up talking which makes the last 9 or 10 minutes appear rushed. Buy this if you are a Roxanne or Layla~Jade fan, but even with the extras most of the rest will find Fantasies of Flesh poor value for money.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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