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Released: 2004
Notes: Smash Pictures
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Running time: 121 mins.

Forbidden Pleasures has five scenes from both sides of the Atlantic, including one with Layla~Jade. The two 'continental' Europe scenes however are very badly dubbed.

Layla~Jade features in the second scene which could have been shot either side of the pond. In a strapless pink top and black mini skirt she is helped down a steep wooded path by a foreign sounding guy who wants to know what it's like to fuck a porn star. In a clearing he spreads a blanket and starts to find out. Layla lies back to let the guy finger her pussy, he then buries his head between her legs for a good long suck. Kneeling in front of the guy Layla eases down his trousers, his cock falling out into her open mouth. She wanks his shaft as her tongue runs round the helmet. The pair lie down and Layla is entered spoons. A quick few jerks and the guy pulls out spraying Layla's pussy with spunk. The session is a long way from over. When he is ready again, Layla strips totally and slides the manhood into her moist fanny as her bum is fingered. Her bum now gaping, she turns to be taken doggy style up the arse, the dappled sunlight dancing across her body as she gently sways. The guy pulls out to fire again, this time over Layla's bum.

The film has a good mixture of scenes and all are well shot. The only slight drawback is the comical dubbing in two of the scenes. Nice to see Layla performing out of doors.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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