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Released: 2004
Director: P. J. Hymen
Notes: MSS
Alternate Titles
  • Fetish Paradise 1 DVD available Sweet Pictures
Notes and Reviews

New series from MSS filmed and directed by veteran filmmaker Freddie Morse and Bob Bennett. Drawing inspiration from fetishistic series like Euro Hardball and the Tanya Hyde stuff, this is high concept, clean, clinical and frequently very, very, dirty. There's no music just the ambient sound of stilettos cracking across a wooden floor or the gasp of a well-fucked woman. Scenes may be bright high key or dark and dimly lit, but in all cases the sex is always crisp and clear. Some very good costumes on some stunning girls and with quite rare performances from the gorgeous Anna, Nicole and Claire (and all being very dirty to boot) this is a title to seek out and possess.

Every scene is packed with incident, these descriptions are just the highlights.

Burglars, Buggery & Strap a Dick to Me

When Jessica and Anna return home, they find a masked burglar in their vast loft apartment. Rather than call the police they drop their knickers and demand he licks their pussies and bums. Both girls wear pillar box red pvc: dress for Anna and catsuit for Jessica (who does a quick change into a dress later). Both girls piss into a bowl before Jessica sinks her pussy onto a dildo strapped to the burglar's face while Anna gets his cock out. There is much deep fucking for both girls on the floor and on an armchair and the scene ends with a joint facial. The identity of the masked burglar is never revealed.

Sex Chamber

Black leather clad dominatrix Danielle Louise Kelson straps a hooded Tony de Serghio to a padded wheel and gives him a couple of twirls. She replaces the hood with her own white knickers and moves off to examine her other slaves, such as the one locked in a cupboard with just trapdoor access to his cock and Danielle's tongue. Stripped to her thighboots Danielle takes on both Steve Hooper and Tony atop the cage where Tony has been confined. Fortunately their is a mattress as she is deeply fucked including a DP. The scene closes with both guys wanking over her bum.

Bitches at an Exhibition

Ashley Long, in full length black rubber coat, is visiting a sort of art installation. She finds a 4' dildo-on-a-pole which she uses on herself. Elsewhere Michelle Barrett stands cocooned in black rubber. Ashley discovers a couple of zips at tit height which, when undone, reveal Michelle's superb breasts. When fully unzipped Michelle is revealed wearing black basque, stockings and thighboots. Nice girl-girl action with anal beads and a big butt plug for Ashley, now suspended in a swing harness from the ceiling. The positions are reversed and Michelle takes a dildo in her pussy and finally the girls sit side by side with vibrators and kissing to orgasm. Nice.

Piss and Play

Clinic receptionist Nicole masturbates while on the phone before bowler-hatted Ian Tate arrives for his appointment. He undresses and is taken into the therapy room where he is hooded, bagged and winched into the air by Nicola Holt (wearing a jaunty black cap which matches her only other clothes, a black basque and thighboots which leave all her bits on display). After a while Nicole releases Ian, allowing him to fuck Nicola but not before she has used a bizarre box device to piss over his face. So far Nicole has kept her business suit on, but she now strips to her stockings and suspenders and after some foreplay from the other two, gets fucked by Ian from behind. More doggy fucking for Nicola followed by a fine reverse cowgirl arsefuck for Nicole enhanced by some light fisting from Nicola. Doggy for Nicola is followed by joint facial.

The White Room

Another clinical scene has Claire, wearing just pants and fishnet stockings, seated with her legs spread wide in stirrups allowing Keira, in white coat and surgical mask, unencumbered access. Keira removes Claire's pants with scissors before using a lifelike phallus in her pussy and beads up her bum. Keira then removes her own white knickers and demands the same treatment. Keira then releases Darryl from a cupboard, straps him into a red leather hood before putting him in the stirrups for both girls to attack. All three move to a padded table where Keira fucks Darryl in cowgirl and Darryl penetrates Claire in missionary. Lots more fucking as Darryl swaps between the girls, finally fucking Claire up the bum in doggy and reverse cowgirl. With the girls now in 69 Darryl fucks Claire doggystyle before pulling out and shooting over Keira's face.

Review by Bayleaf

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