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Released: 2005
Director: Darren Morgan
Notes: Poppy Morgan Productions / Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Poppy Morgan: Fuck Me Silly
Notes and Reviews

Just under four hours of hardcore sex from husband and wife team Darren and Poppy Morgan and their friends. Darren is behind the camera while Poppy appears in both bg and gg scenes.

Lolly and partner Mick waste no time in getting heavy with each other. Lolly is on a bed in her underwear, pink stockings and black boots when Mick arrives. Frantic kissing and sucking follows as the pair throw each other around the bed, which they keep up throughout the scene. Mick loses his clothes as Lolly deep throats him, then he fucks her missionary, but not before Lolly has pushed a six inch pink dildo right up her arse for extra feeling. Later, while still fucking, she removes the dildo and puts its entire length straight down her throat. Vigorous fucking in all positions all over the place with Lolly keeping her stockings and boots on throughout. Ends with wank and a facial. Fucking excellent.

By contrast the next scene with Dutch girl Kyla King and Quintin is a much quieter affair. Quintin quickly undresses Kyla on a bed and then, removing his own boxers, gets a bj in 69 followed by sex in cowgirl, doggy and missionary. Facial to finish.

Poppy and Honey undress each other on the deep pile rug in front of the fireplace. Poppy gives Honey some deep fingering, which leads on to a pink dildo long and deep in her pussy. The positions are reversed as Honey pushes a butt plug into Poppy. Both girls then shove their bums at the camera and push toys up their arses working their way through a row of dildos and plugs neatly laid out in the fireplace, until Poppy fucks Honey with a strap-on. Honey then uses the strap-on to fuck Poppy in missionary and doggy too.

Next, Bethani has a session with Jack, a good looking young man who could well be her boyfriend. Bethani is led to the sofa where she removes her shirt and Jack strips to his boxers while they kiss. Some oral sex then Bethani removes her long skirt and the pair have sex starting in doggy. Although well-endowed, Jack has some problems in getting and holding wood. Bethani coaxes him with her mouth, but periods of softness lead to many short sequences as the couple change position yet again. Overall though it's a good scene with new girl Bethani getting deeply fucked and getting a facial to end, but at 40 minutes this scene is too long.

Stefan Hard is alone with Poppy on a bed. She wants to give him a bj but Stefan is concerned that girlfriend Elizabeth will return; which of course she does as soon as his tool is in Poppy's mouth. But hey, this is pornoland and Elizabeth just joins in. While Elizabeth takes over the cocksucking, Poppy removes Elizabeth's skirt and knickers and uses her tongue and fingers to moisten her friend's pussy so she can mount Stefan with ease while Poppy sits on his face. The girls swap positions so that Poppy gets Stefan's cock in reverse cowgirl, then a general three-for-all develops with the girls interacting with each other all the time and assisting with penetration whenever they can. Shared facial to end,

In this scene Poppy wears a black lacy camisole, black stockings and has put her hair up, which makes her look particularly slim, sophisticated and extremely sexy. When I first glanced at the scene I had to check the cast list as I didn't recognise her. This lady gets better looking with every production.

The next scene is just between Poppy and Elizabeth alone on the bed. Elizabeth is butt-plugged and gets the Rabbit starightaway. Poppy fucks Elizabeth with a vibrating strap-on in doggy then, in missionary, Elizabeth finds room in her pussy for the strap-on and the Rabbit together. What a girl!

Finally, striking redhead Red wears a red camisole and red pants on a red leather sofa (her stockings are black though). Pascal watches from behind the curtains then joins her and soon has his fingers deep in her pussy. During mutual oral sex Pascal removes all his clothes and just Red's pants, then fucks her hard and very noisily face to face on the sofa. During the action, which is always hard and a little rough, Red loses her top which reveals flushed areas around her pussy, throat and buttocks where Pascal has been slapping her. Sex in most positions leads to full length anal. Both performers enjoy the hard action with, unusually, Pascal working up a fine sweat. Dirty facial to end.

This film won't win any awards for cinematography. The camera is often a little clumsy with the shadows of the cameramen visible in the action and Daren himself straying into shot. That said, the action is fucking hot. Whether that's because some girls are fucking their actual partners or they just like fucking, it's all frantic stuff. At the time of release [Jan 2005] most of the girls, apart from Poppy and Elizabeth, have little work released, but they will all have to work hard for better performances than this. Highly recommended.

Review by Bayleaf

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