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Released: 2005
Director: John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Johnny Rebel's Filthy Fuckers Stocking Special 2
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 135 mins.

Johnny Rebel has brought together six relatively new girls: Roxanne, Lisa, Chelsea, Sadie, Angela and Lorna, who have one thing in common - they all get fucked wearing their stockings. Pascal White provides the man meat for four of the girls with Calvin and Leon offering support.

Short, dark-haired Roxanne, dressed in a black bra and panty set and fishnets, is first up with Pascal. The action takes place in a living room where Pascal quickly gets Roxanne out of her bra and knickers and starts to play with her nipples. As he does this Roxanne eases out his cock and takes it in her mouth. The two then sink into a large sheep-skin rug where they 69, Roxanne's pierced tongue running up and down Pascal's shaft as he sucks her pussy. She then slides down his body pushing his prick between her shaved pussy lips and rides him reverse cowgirl. The pair then move to spoons with Roxanne rubbing her clit as Pascal pounds away. The couple move again to cowgirl and then missionary, ending with Roxanne being taken in the bum doggy style. She takes Pascal's cock straight from her arse into her mouth and is rewarded with a face full of cream.

Lisa, in fluffy pink bra/knickers and white stockings, is waiting in the bedroom for Pascal. She soon gets her lips round his dick as he takes off her bra. Removing her panties Pascal licks and finger fucks her pussy before taking her in the missionary position. Lisa wants to taste herself and her tongue darts across the head of Pascal's prick as she wanks his shaft. Lisa then sits on Pascal's cock holding the bed head as he bangs away at her pussy. Another tasting session follows. The pair then roll back and forth in a semi spoons position with Lisa using the bed head as a hand rail. Eventually Lisa ends on all fours and after filling her pussy from behind Pascal gives her bum a good banging. Lisa has her pussy filled one last time then takes Pascal's full load in her mouth.

Still in the bedroom, Pascal is joined by Chelsea, a girl with short red hair, pink top, black skirt and black stockings. Pascal wastes no time in stripping her, licking and sucking her nipples. She responds by removing his tracksuit bottoms, filling her mouth with his meat and then lying on the bed to have her pussy licked and finger fucked. Pascal fills Chelsea's pussy with cock and swings her up so she can ride him reverse cowgirl with her legs wide open so he can play with her clit. Chelsea then mounts him cowgirl and the two then roll into missionary. She turns onto her stomach with her bum sticking up. Pascal bangs away at her pussy and then does the same to her arse. Chelsea faces Pascal for the final bit of bonking before he empties his balls over her pussy lips and stomach.

Sadie and Calvin are next to appear. She is soon out of her lilac bra and denim skirt and cannot wait to get his cock in her mouth. Once it's wet, Calvin wants to put his meat between Sadie's pussy lips. The two move so Sadie can ride Calvin's cock and her hips gyrate as she slides up and down his pole. When she turns to ride cowgirl Calvin eases his finger up her bum. Sadie joins in the anal probing, her digits helped by a good squirt of lube. Sadie gets onto all fours to be taken from behind, Calvin thumbing her bum as he fills her pussy with cock. The arse is next to get filled with Sadie pulling her cheeks apart to take Calvin's full length. All this bum banging is more than Calvin can take and he sprays his spunk over Sadie's face and glasses.

Amply proportioned Angela in black basque and fishnets is Pascal's last girl. Lifting her large breasts out of her top he licks and sucks her nipples and Angela joins in. Moving down, Pascal takes mouthfuls of minge as Angela continues to caress and lick her tits. It's now Angela's turn to see what's on offer and what it tastes like ... it must be good as it gets a good licking. The pair then 69 on the sofa, Angela taking Pascal's prick deep in the mouth as he fingers her. She then mounts him cowgirl, her large breasts bouncing away as she is bonked. Having had her pussy filled with meat Angela wants to try the same in her arse, Pascal does the business slipping his full length in from behind. After she cleans his cock Angela's arse is re-entered reverse cowgirl for more bum bonking. The scene ends in a good facial.

Blonde Lorna, dressed in a blue top, denim skirt and fishnets, appears in the last scene with Leon. The pair quickly strip and after Lorna has had a few mouthfuls of cock they 69 on the bed, Leon running his tongue round Lorna's lips as she licks and laps at his cock. Bending over to be taken from behind Lorna has her pussy filled, once wet she wants to taste her own juices. It's then time to ride Leon cowgirl for more juicy action, this time she doesn't want to leave her hole empty so she works a dildo into it while sucking Leon's cock. More hard pussy pumping follows with Leon eventually spraying Lorna's clit with cream. She uses her fingers to remove the goo then licks them clean.

Johnny Rebel got this film just right, well shot, well lit and a good combination of natural sounds blended with music. As for the new girls ... they were brilliant. Lets hope they all go on to give more stunning performances.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf's view (April 2005)

What John Mason lacks in imagination he certainly makes up for in quantity as he presents six more relative newcomers getting royally shagged by the unbelievably lucky Pascal White.

The action starts with Roxanne and Pascal in Poppy Morgan's lounge. This being a 'stockings special' the pair are quickly naked as usual in John's films, but this time Roxanne keeps her wide-mesh fishnet stockings on. After a 69 on the floor Roxanne takes Pascal's cock in all positions on a couple of sheepskin rugs on the floor. Pascal flips her over and fucks Roxanne's arse in doggy before finishing with a fine facial.

Scene two and Pascal gets to fuck the sexy Lisa in the bedroom. Once again the pair quickly undress but Lisa retains her white hold-ups this time. Good hard sex and a fine performance from dark haired Lisa who clearly enjoys her work. I have my fingers crossed that she stays in the business for some time. Good hard fucking in all the usual positions as Lisa grasps the bedframe for support. Anal in doggy, spoons and missionary, followed by a modest facial.

Next, the irrepressible Pascal has petite Chelsea to pleasure. In the blue bedroom at Chez Morgan, Chelsea strips to her black hold-ups and gets fucked in all positions starting with spoons and ending with missionary as Pascal pulls out and lets fly all over her belly.

In the fourth scene Calvin has another crack at young Sadie, a model he seems to be keeping to himself. Stripped out of her day wear Sadie just keeps her opaque black stockings on as she takes Calvin's black meat between her legs. As well as her stockings Sadie keeps her spectacles on so she can watch Calvin fucking her in all positions on the bed. Eventually Calvin fucks her up the bum in doggy and spoons.

Back in the lounge Pascal takes on Angela, a very curvy young woman wearing a barely black basque and fishnet stockings. As Pascal sits on the sofa Angela give his cock a long suck then slides herself onto it in cowgirl. Pascal fucks Angela hard as she lies on her back with her generous tits wobbling about, then turns her over to fuck her arse doggy style. More fine anal in reverse cowgirl and spoons and ends with a good facial.

Back in the blue bedroom Lorna takes on Leon, a stud I haven't seen before. Both are soon naked except for Lorna's black hold-ups and the sex starts with doggy on the edge of the bed. This is followed by cowgirl and missionary, with Lorna giving Leon's cock a swift oral lube between insertions. Lorna briefly uses a flexible dildo on herself while sucking Leon again, then it's more fucking before Leon cums over her pussy - which Lorna scoops into her mouth and swallows.

Two and a quarter hours of good action. No fireworks, just some good one2one fucking in domestic settings with six girls all of whom are relatively new or very new to the business. This DVD is well worth the money for the action and a look at some future stars.

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