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Released: 2005
Director: Gorgeous Gee
Notes: Dolltheatre / BritFlix
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Running time: 177 mins.

The cunning punsters at Doll Theatre have been racking their brains to see how many James Bond titles they can pervert for this spoof on Britain's favourite spy. Keira stars as the heroine Union Jackie who is set off to fight the evil Mask by the head of Her Majesty's Semen Service (Vicki Holloway), assisted by Susie Best.

Keira is summoned to HQ to get her next assignment but No 1 is out when she arrives; so she is entertained by Mark Sloan as Muckypecker. Stripping out of her Union Jack bikini, Keira tastes Mark's man sausage, then lies back over the arm of the sofa to have her pussy licked. Mark slips his cock between Keira's legs giving her a good humping before turning her over to bang her bum doggy style. After more pussy shagging, Mark is ready to cum. Keira wants his cream on her tits.

No 1 (Vicki) shows Keira a film of a top-secret development, the Thigh-borg robot. Two scientists are putting the finishing touches to Thigh-borg 1 - Alicia Rhodes. Their first test is deep throat penetration which Alicia manages without a problem. With a cock still in her mouth next to be tested is her mechanical minge. Both boys try it out and it seems to work fine. Finally the bionic bum has to be shagged. Alicia passes with flying colours. All that's left is to fill her up with spunk via the mouth. The scientists have produced a fully fledged fucking robot.

Vicki explains that Keira will go on her next mission with the borg Anne Droid (Susie Best). Susie enters in black lingerie and Vicki drops her trousers to reveal a large red strap-on ready for use. Keira dons a matching dildo and the pair set about Susie on the blue sofa. The girls play with her tits and pound her pussy till she is ready to orgasm. Then Susie's special trick - her mechanical minge can cut clean through 2 inch steel dildos when she climaxes.

Keira, Susie and Mark set off to find the lair of the Mask. On entering his hideout all three are overcome by fumes. When they wake, Keira and Susie find themselves wearing white and black lace dresses at a large dining table. Two waiters approach and the girls decide to put on a show for the boys. Kissing and fondling, Keira starts to finger fuck Susie with her white lace gloves then slips between her legs to lap at her love slit. The guys join in the fun, having their dicks licked then lying on the table for the girls to mount them. Keira and Susie bounce in unison on the boys' shafts. The girls 69 each other as the waiters slip their cocks into the open arses. Susie is then DP'd, Keira playing with her pussy beside her. Finally the boys pull out to give a messy facial.

While Keira and Susie have been enjoying themselves, Mark has been held captive by two of the Mask's maidens, Sahara in silver silk bra and hot pants and Tequila in a shiny blue outfit. The girls taunt Mark, kissing and caressing each other. Tequila then slowly wanks his knob as Sahara strips and then massages her smooth shaven pussy. Swapping tasks, Sahara takes Mark in her mouth as Tequila drops her knickers to the floor, running her fingers round her lips as she does it. Mark's cock is eased into Tequila's love box with Sahara sitting on his face. The girls change ends, Sahara riding cowgirl and Tequila filling her pussy with a double ended dong. Mark can stand the tension no longer and fires his load over Tequila's tits. Sahara licks off the goo.

Susie sets off to find Mark but runs into the Mask in the bedroom. Using her charms and other assets, she is quickly out of her black undies and has the Mask eating out of her pussy. The pair 69 with Susie taking mouthfuls of cock. It's then time to shag, Susie gyrating her hips as the Mask's wet shaft slides into her fanny. The Pussy's not enough - Susie takes the evil baddy up her arse as she fingers her clit, the Mask pulling out to spray her snatch with jizz. Susie wants more and the Mask's cock enters her mechanical minge as she orgasms. Argh...

Having been rescued from the terrors of the Mask, Mark is rewarded with a nice hot bath, Natalie Heck and Elizabeth Lawrence joining him in the celebrations. The girls are that keen to indulge in aquatic action they forget to take off their white fishnets and red silk knickers before plunging into the water. The three then move to the bedroom where the girls take turns being shagged and having their pussies licked. Elizabeth wants a little more and with Mark firmly lodged up her backside Natalie slips a large black vibrator into her pussy. Licking off the juices Natalie has her last chance to ride Mark before he fires his load over the girls mouths.

From the opening "Bond" theme and title this three-hour film was a joy to watch. Eight excellent girls in eight hot scenes. The plot is a bit corny with tongue-in-cheek script, though that's what you would expect from a Doll Theatre parody. And while generally OK, in some places the camera work is a bit wobbly. But it's great fun and entertainment for all - well done Doll Theatre! And how many Bond titles are there in the script?

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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