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Released: 2005
Director: Terry Stephens
Notes: Wrist Action
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 146 mins.

Filmed in Sandie and Faye's flats, this is one of the pair's anarchic sex romps where anything can happen and in most cases does. Though most of the camera work is done professionally by Terry Stephens, Faye and Sandie also get in on the filming act, which can produce some strange results.

Faye enters Sandie's bedroom in a tight black PVC dress with Keira (whom the girls call Maria) in tow. Easing her boobs out of her dress, Keira licks and sucks at Faye. All three then drop their knickers for some finger fun. Keira works her long tongue over Faye's clit while Sandie tastes Keira's cunt.

The three move into the living room, Keira sitting with her long legs outstretched as Faye and Sandie play with her pussy. Faye goes down to lap up Keira's juices and prepare her for Karl's cock. Pounding away at Keira's pussy, Faye and Sandie finger themselves, diving in to lick at the shaft between strokes. The shagging continues reverse cowgirl, Keira grinding her pussy hard against Karl's balls. Pulling her arse open, Faye wants to be taken in the bum and Karl slips his manhood deep in her dark dripping cavity. Pulling out, Karl jerks himself off over the girls' faces.

Faye comes stomping into the room ready to be screwed by new boy Skippy. She discards her dress and pulls her knickers to one side and Skippy drops to suck and finger-fuck her fanny. She returns the favour, wrapping her mouth round his cock. With the new boy lying down, Faye mounts his dick, bouncing and twisting her body as they hump. The couple then move to missionary where the excitement becomes too great. Skippy pulls out covering Faye and the wall behind her in spunk.

The next scene takes place at Faye's place. Sandie wonders what her bum and pussy would look like through Faye's inflatable transparent chair. She presses her self hard against the plastic as Terry films. Faye slips herself out of her black PVC outfit to try out a couple of new toys. Sandie's clit stimulator really gets her going as does her new knobbled red vibrator. Swapping places, Faye films Sandie shoving her knickers deep into her wet pussy then sticking them into her mouth to taste the juices. The girls pick up their toys and head to the bedroom for more fun. Sandie holds a vibe firmly against her clit and goes down on all fours to slip a second into her arse, DPing herself with plastic, she practices firing the toys out of her holes. Faye gets a vibrating butt plug out of her cupboard and jams it up her arse turning the power on full so her fanny will vibrate. The girls go back to the living room where Sandie wants a piss. She picks up a bowl and fills it.

The last long scene has Faye and Sandie joined by Debbie, Jenny and Lucy for some fun and fucking, Mark and Karl providing the man meat. While the girls talk about the best shag they have had on film, Lucy sees just how tight Faye's pussy is whilst Debbie occupies herself with Karl's cock. Sandie dons her favourite strap-on and gets ready for action, but Faye's blow job gets too enthusiastic, biting through the end of the toy. The scene continues with a good old romp, the girls sucking and being fucked in their pussies and arses. Once they are all exhausted the girls gather in the centre of the room while Karl and Mark shower them in jizz.

Though the sex scenes in the film are good there are a lot of 'in' jokes and comments, some of which are bleeped out which makes the general viewer feel lost. The girls will have to decide whether they are making films for the public to watch or just for their own gratification. An acceptable film, but not great.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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