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Released: 2005
Director: Darren Morgan
Notes: Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 156 mins (plus 53 min bonus scene).

Poppy and Darren Morgan take a break from filming at home and are on location at a fine country house with big brick fireplaces and stripped wooden floors.

In the first atmospherically lit scene, Elle, in sheer pale turquoise underwear, teases Dougie as he reclines in a large overstuffed armchair by an open fire. Slipping her tits out she kneels in front of Dougie and sucks his cock hard. Dougie returns the favour as Elle spreads her legs in the armchair. Dougie removes his jeans and Elle all her underwear, allowing her to mount Dougie cowgirl. Fine reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggie in the armchair and more very noisy cowgirl on the floor in the firelight. Scene ends with Elle in the chair getting a good facial.

Natalie Heck, in designer underwear, lounges on a sofa as sunlight streams through the big bay window. Danny Boy joins her, licking her pussy and releasing her tits from her bra. More tongue-work all over Natalie's naked body before Danny undresses and gets his cock sucked. Slipping on a condom, Danny slips his cock into Natalie from behind as she kneels on the sofa. Particularly fine reverse cowgirl then spoons, concluding with missionary and a facial.

Danny is a popular boy as he finds Elle in yet another room. She sits in her pink underwear on a large piece of wooden sculpture that doubles as a bench. Danny quickly undresses and gets his cock sucked, then he warms Elle up with some pussy licking and 69 before Elle straddles him on the bench. Reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and doggie, then a seated facial as the now-naked Elle plays with her pussy.

Crystal, wandering the house in her underwear, finds Dougie sitting on the landing in his boxers. She pulls Dougie's cock out and leads him to another room. While Crystal sits on a radiator by the window, Dougie licks her pussy, then, once naked, they find a handy bed on which to have sex. Crystal slips a condom on to Dougie's cock and they fuck noisily in spoons, cowgirl, missionary and doggie. Ends with nice facial.

With the big wooden bench moved to the window, Natalia rubs herself through her bra and pants in front of Danny. A bespectacled Natalia takes Danny's cock from his jeans and once hard he undresses and takes Natalia from behind wearing a condom. The fucking continues on the bench in missionary. Natalia takes off her glasses and her underwear and Danny takes off his condom. Now Natalia straddles Danny, fucking him reverse cowgirl followed by deep doggy and missionary. Natalia replaces her glasses and lies back while Danny shoots his load over her face.

The 50 minute bonus scene is billed as Elle's first time. Interviewed on a bed at Chez Morgan, Elle says she works only to girl/girl, as she gets enough cock in her private life. Darren Morgan films Elle as she runs through her glamour poses and, once naked, uses a blue dildo on herself. Despite several reminders that she doesn't do boy/girl, Darren slips a finger in her pussy and as Elle's breathing becomes heavier this scene is going just one way. Darren pounds Elle's pussy with the dildo then, with 25 minutes gone, Darren slips his trousers and underpants off and Elle kneels to suck his cock before moving to 69. Eventually Elle climbs on to Darren's cock in cowgirl. More decent fucking in doggy, missionary and spoons. Darren is a photographer with a good-sized cock although the cumshot, when it arrives, is barely visible.

This is excellent stuff from the Morgans, the cream of current Britporn getting shafted in well shot scenes in imaginative locations. Judging by the similarities in cast and locations I feel this could have been shot at the same time as Kendo's Caged. The cinematography seems to be influenced by Kendo and American directors Andrew Blake and Michael Ninn, although the performers are still a little too anxious to get on with the job. Their actions need to be r-e-a-l s-l-o-w.

A 50 minute bonus scene is, well, a real bonus, and described as Elle's first time with Darren. With the anticipation of an established glamour model taking cock for the first time on camera I would have preferred to see it billed in the main feature and I would have left the 'audition' in the can. A scene which, compared with the luxury of her previous two scenes, has the quality of a quick pub knee-trembler.

Review by Bayleaf
November 2005

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

After appearing in a number of films, Elle Brook is eventually persuaded by Darren Morgan to perform girl/boy action in front of the camera. Fuckin Elle has 5 long scenes, two of which feature Elle, and a 53 minute bonus of Elle's first ever girl/boy with cameraman, director and producer Darren.

Dougie is sitting beside a roaring fire when Elle, in turquoise lingerie, enters to warm herself. Things start to warm up when Elle perches on Dougie's knee, her panties pulled tight into her snatch as he fondles her breasts. Sinking to the floor, Elle wraps her mouth around Dougie's shaft and starts to suck. They swap places and the knickers are pulled to one side so Dougie can feast on Elle's smoothly shaved pussy. Now hungry for cock, Elle fills her mouth as she fingers her fanny, the digits soon replaced by Dougie's dick. The pair roll from reverse cowgirl to spoons, Elle's pussy being pounded in each position. Shagging continues accompanied by soft moans until Dougie is ready to cum. He squirts his jizz over Elle's face.

With the sun streaming through the window, Natalie caresses her body as she lies on the sofa. Danny joins her to massage her legs with his hands and tongue and it doesn't take long for him to find her pussy. The couple kiss, Natalie working her way down to Danny's cock, her blonde hair falling over her face as her head bobs up and down. Then with the cock still in her mouth, she moves to sit on Danny's face. Both are wet and ready to fuck, Natalie bending over the back of the sofa to be taken doggy, before hammering down on Danny's balls cowgirl. Licking the cock clean, Natalie wants Danny's manhood back in her pussy until he can't hold back. As she fingers herself Danny sprays her face in cum.

Scene 3 sees Elle sucking on Danny's dick and running her tongue around his balls. Following a long sucking session, Danny falls to his knees to probe Elle's pussy with his fingers and tongue as she pulls and tweaks her nipples. The fanny feeding continues as the two 69, Elle swallowing cock. Positioning her pussy over Danny, Elle slowly slides down his shaft, her jiggling body getting him to sigh open-mouthed. Knickers off, Elle positions her self on a stool-cum-modern-art-sculpture to be taken doggy, Danny's rhythmical thrusts filling her fanny. The pair hump on, Elle's legs trembling with each stroke. With her fingers back in her cunt the session ends with a long wank, Danny creaming over Elle's face. She licks every last drop off the end of his knob.

Dougie is staring out over the countryside from an upstairs window when Crystal walks by. Dropping before him, she slips his cock between her lips and starts to suck. The couple move to the bedroom where Crystal balances on a radiator, one leg raised for Dougie to access her pussy. On the bed the pair 69, Crystal lapping at his shaft as Dougie slurps at her moist love box. The bed starts to bounce as the two bonk spoons then missionary. Lying face down, Crystal muffles her moans in the pillow as she is fucked doggy. Dougie asks where she wants him to cum, and the answer is all over her face. Crystal massages the spunk into her cheeks.

Bespectacled Natalia rubs her pussy through her black spotty panties as Danny watches. Not wanting to miss anything, she leans forward, covering his cock with saliva then slipping it deep down her throat. Danny goes down on her shaven pussy as Natalia fondles her breasts. Putting a rubber on (with difficulty) Danny fucks Natalia from behind, her bum gyrating as the cock fills her pussy. Turning to lie on her back, Natalia is taken missionary, first with her legs split, then high up on Danny's chest. The troublesome condom is discarded, Natalia mounting Danny for some ball-grinding cowgirl and bum-slapping doggy. The session ends with a long blow job, Natalia finger fucking herself into a frenzy as her face and glasses are covered in cum.

Normally in a DVD the bonus scenes are short "extras", filled with the stuff which wasn't good enough for the main feature, but in Fuckin Elle the bonus is almost 1 hour long. As if that wasn't remarkable enough it also contains Elle's first on film girl/boy with Darren Morgan. The scene starts with Elle, dressed in a blue top and black skirt, being interviewed by Darren. She flashes her tits and pussy as she talks about her love life and work to date, but she is adamant that girl/boy will not feature in any of her future films. Persistent Darren wants to see how Elle makes her self climax and luckily she has brought along a toy to show. Wanting to show her something new, Darren climbs onto the bed telling Elle to close her eyes before he slowly sucks and finger fucks her. Her body trembles and quivers as the toy squelches inside her pussy. Elle's hands wander into Darren's trousers and she soon has his cock deep in her mouth. A long oral session follows, Elle rubbing Darren's cock over her face then swallowing. The moment of truth arrives and Elle manoeuvres her pussy over the erect prick and slowly slides down the shaft. Elle is then taken doggy and missionary, smiling and sighing as she orgasms.

All in all this is a reasonably good film with good performances from the girls. The only niggle is the brightness and contrast in Natalie's scene; shooting into the sun is never easy. A must for all Elle Brook fans and, with over 3½ hours of viewing, good value for money.

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