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Released: 2003
Director: Bud Lee
Notes: Sin City
  • Teoni as Aliyah on the cover
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 137 mins.

Bud Lee's film The Fan follows successful porn star Anna Belle who can get as much cock and cunt as she wants in the studio, but her private life is empty and she craves a friend. With as much sex behind the camera as on set, Anna Belle feels she's missing out. Things look up when she starts to receive flowers and gifts from a mystery admirer, but when does a fan become an obsessive.

Teoni appears as a bright new actress just arrived from Britain and eager to impress. Could she be the secret suitor? She prepares for her scene standing in front of a fire with a guy sitting on a shoe-shaped chair. She slavers over his cock and swallows it deep into her throat. Grabbing the dick in both hands, she yanks vigorously. The guy immediately cums over her face. Neither Teoni or the director are happy with the result - she wants fucking and he wants a film. A second stud is summoned who pulls down Teoni's pink panties and probes her pussy with his tongue. She moans, holding her tits as he slips his cock between her legs and the pair bonk. Having her pussy poked isn't really enough for Teoni. Climbing on the guy she wants his cock up her arse and she rubs at her clit as she bounces. Bending over, her pussy dripping, Teoni pulls at her cheeks for the bott banging to continue. Open mouthed, Teoni fills her mouth with spunk. Being so addicted to dick it can't really be Teoni who is after Anna?

This is a film where the development of the plot is never allowed to get in the way of the sex. In fact if it wasn't for the last couple of minutes and the notes on the cover you may never have guessed at the story line. Having said that, director Bud Lee and cameraman Jack Remy show they know exactly how to make and shoot a film, right angles, right positions, right girls. All in all a short but nice film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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