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Released: 2006
Director: Savage Willy
Notes: Relish, also a Tabu Love DVD with German sound
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 104 mins.

As the blurb on the back cover says, everyone is making fitness videos; so Relish have jumped on the bandwagon and decided to produce a workout regime that makes you Fit as Fuck. It is shot in a fully equipped gym and seven girls go through their rigorous exercise sessions in order to tighten those all important pussy muscles.

Come on Me
Her hair held back in a red band, Antonia strides into the studio with a ghetto blaster, turns up the volume and starts her pelvic thrusts. Karen Wood and Tammy join in, stretching and gyrating in time to the music. Time to tone the thigh muscles - Antonia sits on the floor, Tammy laps at her grey shorts creating a large damp patch, and Karen lifts Antonia's top to check her pectorals but ends up chewing her tits. With Antonia's knickers off, the girls lick her clit. A toy appears and they use it to exercise her pussy before they strip themselves. Tammy works a transparent pink dildo into her fanny while Antonia uses a blue dolphin vibe deep in Karen's pussy. Tammy crawls between Antonia's legs and starts to lick. The girls turn her round to insert a row of beads in her arse. With her bum filled, Tammy toys her pussy. Stuffed with plastic, all three girls moan. Their workout is finished.

Black on Blonde Workout
Slim Suzy Best, in an orange top and white shorts, is trying to strengthen her thighs. Having difficulty with the machine she enlists the help of a trainer. He runs his hands over her legs and Suzy gets hot and horny. Dropping her pants, she wants him to work out on her pussy. Wrapping both hands round his big black cock, Suzy slips it into her mouth. This is the type of equipment she likes exercising on. She bends over and the guy guides his cock into her wet pussy. Straddling him, Suzy slowly slides down his shaft. It glistens with her juices. Pushing him onto the floor, she wants his manhood in her arse, and is impaled on his length. The pair roll onto their sides. Suzy lies back to be finished missionary and the guy cums, spraying her body in cream from her pussy to her neck.

Steamy Room
With her strange grinning cat tattoo on her right shoulder, Leah lies in the steam room with Demetri and the pair start to get hot and sticky. Moving outside, Leah unwraps Demetri's towel and works her mouth around his dick, dropping her white bikini bottoms to the floor. Demetri fondles her body as he fucks her tonsils. Mounting his cock, Leah undoes the strings on her bra top and her tits gently fall forward as she bonks. They turn round and the cane sofa wobbles as the two hump. Demetri nuzzles his head between Leah's boobs. In the plunge room, it's cock that Leah wants plunged deep in her pussy as she goes down on all fours. The session ends with Leah being taken missionary, Demetri pulling out in time to fire his load over her stomach.

Dumb Belle
Michelle is peddling away on the exercise bike when gym owner Danny turns up. It doesn't take Michelle long to ask him for a ride. With his chopper out, Michelle licks her way along its length. She slips off her black knickers as she swallows his cock. Opening her legs wide, Michelle forces Danny's face hard against her fanny. He laps at the few wispy hairs, then she gives him a tit wank. Nice and wet she is ready for dick. Bent over a bench, Danny does her doggy. Michelle puts him on his back and rides him cowgirl, grinding her body into his balls. As she lies on her side with a leg high in the air the two shag spoons. Michelle wants her reward for all the hard work and Danny fills her mouth with cream.

Fiighting Fit
In her red top and big yellow boxing gloves, Tati is in the ring with Dougie. After a few gentle taps he wants her to give it all she's got. Dougie ends up out for the count on the canvas. Tati tries to revive him with a little mouth to cock resuscitation. It does the trick and, nice and hard, he's ready for action. The pair moan as Tati pushes her pussy down on his dick. She falls forward to kiss him. She swivels round on his shaft and he strokes her clit as she thrusts herself down. Her red top off, Dougie twists to lick her small firm tits. Then, slurping and sucking, he goes down on her fanny, finger fucking her to orgasm. Jammed against the ropes, Tati is taken from behind and his balls slap against her bum. Changing his angle of attack, Dougie pounds away at her pussy. Her training pays off and Tati can take it. Grabbing his cock, Tati wanks Dougie off into her mouth.

After a few mediocre films it's nice to see Relish back on song. The idea of using a gym as the backdrop is not new but they have made it work with a nice combination of boy-girl and all-girl scenes and good performances from all seven girls. It's also nice to see a new girl making her debut and Tati has made a very promising start. Lets hope we see more of her in the future.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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