< Forty and Very Very Naughty R18 DVD available

Released: 2006
Director: Tony Goodfellow and Johnny Rebel (John Mason)
Notes: Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 103 mins.

They say that some women get better with age, like fine wine. With indifferent production and a guy who looked as if his mind was elsewhere, the four girls in Forty and Very Very Naughty appeared decidedly corked.

The film starts off quite well, though a little dark, with Linda in her black and beige lingerie kneeling at one side of Warran while big busted blonde Claire, in her shiny blue bra and shorts, is at the other. The girls strip Warren, licking his body, and head for his cock where their tongues run up and down its length. Claire pulls her shorts to one side and slides down his shaft. She moves to sit on his face as Linda has a go at riding. She leans forward to have her nipples sucked. The three change positions as the camera wobbles showing shots of the walls, Claire taking cock in her cunt as she presses her face into Linda's fanny. A kick of the camera and the girls 69, Warren's balls banging agaist Claire's nose as he enters Linda's pussy. A little more cowgirl for the pair including a brief anal interlude for Claire and the two are showered in spunk.

Amply-proportioned nurse Louisa turns up at Vinny's hotel room. Obviously he wasn't expecting anyone as he only booked a single. Louisa unzips her uniform releasing her enormous breasts. Vinny fills his face as his fingers enter her fanny. Taking his cock in her mouth, Louisa starts to suck. Vinny lies almost motionless as she sits on his chest offering her pussy to be licked. Rolling onto her back, Louisa's massive bulk wobbles and joggles as she is fucked missionary. She turns onto her stomach to be taken doggy. A long slow wank is followed by Louisa easing cock into her arse. Another bout of missionary and Vinny cums over her tits ... not a word spoken between the two.

Chrissy is next in Vinny's room. In her red top and denim skirt she bends forward to reveal her pussy as she pulls down Vinny's white shorts and tongues his knob. The two 69, but Chrissy's curled blonde hair falls over her face as she gives a blow job, obscuring the action. With a thwack of buttocks on thighs, she rides cowgirl then turns to have her pussy filled from behind. Beads of sweat form on her tits as she is shagged spoons. Then a quick suck of the cock and it's up her bum. Vinny just lies as she jerks and tugs at his cock. Twisting her self, her hand reaches her fanny. The scene ends with a poor fake cum shot, Chrissy spewing a mouthful of what looks like double cream down his shaft!!!

Dressed in her black lingerie and ripped fishnet stockings, Claire appears with Tony James and Merlin in a dimly lit lounge. In the gloom she sucks at the guys' cocks as they play with her tits. The three head off to the bedroom where - thank goodness - someone has turned on the lights. Claire sets to work riding one boy as she sucks on another's dick. Down on all fours she is spit-roasted, the guys taking turns in her pussy. Moving onto her side she continues. Tony bangs away at her cunt as Merlin fucks her throat. The boys get their balls sucked as they get a tit wank. The camera veers all over the room trying to capture Tony entering her arse. Wanting both boys together, Claire sits on Merlin as Tony bangs her bum. Accompanied by multiple flashes from the stills photographer the two drop their loads on her tits.

This is a poor film ... badly lit, badly shot and of the guys only Tony appeared to have any rapport with the girls. When the producers can't even get the girls' names right on the box, it gives the impression that quality has been sacrificed. The girls deserve something better. Give it a miss.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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