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Released: 2007
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Die Schlampen von der Haltestelle Tabu
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 112 mins.

Introduced by Hazza B Gunne, Fresh off the Bus is a Relish film which introduces new talent to our screens. Unfortunately, however, events have overtaken the film. Harmony Hex, Paige and the three Europeans Kristi Kuenot, Laura and Lea Magic all have a string of titles to their names, so it's not the first time we've seen the girls.

Dressed in a striped top and shorts and fresh off the train, Paige is met at the railway station by Hazza. She is ushered into a chauffeur-driven limo and taken off to the studio for her 'first' shoot. In a dark and cluttered room, Paige strips and starts to caress herself. The wobbly hand-held camera work and dull flat colours distracts the viewer as she fingers and probes herself. Make-up applied and dressed in a pink basque and stockings, Paige is ready for cock. Ian Tait arrives. Kneeling, she dribbles over his shaft and starts to wank, her lips move to his balls and she takes them in her mouth. Pulling Paige's black panties aside, Ian slips his dick into her pussy from behind. She cries out as he thwacks against her bum. Lifting her up, Ian places Paige on his prick and bounces her. With her knickers off, the two roll onto their sides to shag spoons. Ian flicks his cock at Paige's clit. Climbing off the bed, Paige waits open mouthed for Ian's cream.

Harmony Hex climbs off a double-decker bus, milk shake in hand. Hazza and his driver are waiting to whisk her to the hotel room. As they travel through the streets of London, Harmony flashes her black bra. Poor lighting at the hotel makes blonde Harmony look anaemic as she strips out of the everyday clothes and fingers her pussy. Harmony changes into frilly black knickers and fishnets for Demetri. The pair snog on the bed and fall back, Harmony's hand reaching for Demetri's trousers. His cock out, her head bobs up and down on it. She is pulled round so the two can 69. Mounting his prick, Harmony rides reverse and the bed head rattles. Moving onto her back, she is fucked missionary. Finally, Harmony kneels as Demetri wanks over her tits.

OK the girls are not all 'fresh faces', but unfortunately this is not the problem with the film. The lighting is deplorable, making the colours dull and drab, and the hand held camerawork looks as if it was shot by someone on a bungie rope - bouncing and badly framed. The idea may have been good but the result is shocking. Relish are normally quite good at making good quality productions. Perhaps they are resting on their laurels as Best DVD publisher 2006, but Fresh off the Bus is a bummer.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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