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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Pornostatic / Playhouse
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Running time: 132 mins.

Fit Mama Slammers may be a bit of a misleading title for Pornostatic's second release under the Playhouse label. The five girls in the film are certainly fit and they all like slamming cocks, but mamas? DiSanto and Anjali have adopted a simple style for the film - stunning girls in sexy outfits perform hot and erotic action in a modern white room with an exercise machine as a prop.

In a red dress and matching fishnets, Iyesha poses. She gives a tentative look at the camera as she flashes her bum. A guy joins her to caress her body. He moves to lick her bum and finger her. Iyesha's dress rises over her tits allowing him to play with them. Turning, Iyesha wraps her fingers around the guy's cock and guides it into her mouth. Spit dribbles over the head. Then she mounts the wet dick cowgirl. The guy reaches down to slap her bum as she bounces. Iyesha's buttocks glow rosy red and she spins to continue fucking reverse. Crouching by the exercise bike, Iyesha fills her face with his tool then bends over the saddle to be taken from behind. The pair move back to the sofa to finish the session doggy, the guy jerking his load over Iyesha's face and tits.

In a tight white top and lace-up black shorts, Anjali is ready for action. She slips out her boobs and begins to play. Her hand slowly eases into her shorts to get to her pussy. A cock appears beside her. It goes straight into her mouth and her tongue dances over the tip as her hair falls over her face. As she stands against a wall, the guy climbs between Anjali's legs to chew at her cunt. She returns the favour, sucking his dick. The guy lies down and Anjali sinks her pussy down the condom-clad shaft. Propped up against the arm of the sofa she is shagged missionary. Anjali rolls over. Her boobs and hooped earrings swing in unison as she is shagged from behind. The guy pulls at her bunches as he bangs away. Grabbing the cock, Anjali yanks away at the tool until it cums on her face.

Blue-eyed blonde Antonia sits on the sofa in her fluorescent pink leg warmers. Unfastening her tied white top, she reveals a pink micro bikini. Her personal trainer stands behind her to fondle her boobs. The guy nibbles at her tits as he undoes the pink ribbon which holds up her shorts. Her bikini bottoms are moved aside so that a digit can enter her pussy. Kneeling beside the exercise equipment, Antonia wraps her lips around the cock and gives him a blow job. The two shift back to the sofa for the sucking to continue. Standing over the guy, Antonia lowers herself onto his cock. She teases her pierced clit as she slides up and down. The two fall to their sides and shag spoons. Antonia stands. Then, bending forward, she steadies herself on the machine as she is pumped from behind. She ends up over the seat being taken doggy. She sandwiches the trainer's cock in her cleavage and he covers Antonia's face with jizz. It drips onto her tits and she licks it off.

Rebecca examines the exercise machine, caressing and licking the handles. She sits back on the seat, lifts her tight white top and removes her bra, pulling and tweaking her nipples. A hand goes to her lime green knickers and pulls them tight into her bum cheeks. Licking her lips she starts to pedal. Her trainer turns up. Rebecca unzips his pants and runs her tongue over his dick before swallowing the length. Knickers off, she shoves her bum in the guy's face then falls forward to 69. Seeing his cock twitch, Rebecca decides it's time to have it in her pussy. She slides down his body and slips it between her legs. Looking smoulderingly sexy, Rebecca leans forward, her big boobs swaying. The trainer pushes himself up till they are fucking doggy style. A little more bonking on the bike and Rebecca ends up on her back on the sofa being taken missionary. Sitting up, she grasps the trainer's cheb and wanks his load over her face.

Mandy, in her short white skirt, sporting bra and pink peaked cap, realises she has forgotten her knickers as her hands explore her body. Her fingers probe her smooth shaven pussy then pull at her nipple rings. She moves to the bke and starts to cycle. Two cocks come in from either side and she grabs them both. Mandy's head yo-yos between them. Pulling the boys together, she crams both dicks in her mouth. With a prick planted in her throat, Mandy takes the second in her pussy from behind. To be fair to the pair she rides the second guy reverse cowgirl whilst sucking at the first. Twisting onto her side, she continues spoons. Yelling for cock, she rides both the boys, filling her face as she bounces. She gets down between the pair and they pop their loads over Mandy's face - training over.

Crisp and cleanly shot, Fit Mama Slammers shows that simple ideas well executed can produce great results. Well done to DiSanto and the cast for a fine 'gonzo style' film which is worth its place in anyone's collection.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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