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Released: 2006
Director: Freddie Morse & Bob Bennett
Notes: MSS Interactive / American Xcess (USA)
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Running time: 125 mins.

There was a time when uniforms and shiny PVC were confined to the kinky brigade, but with directors such as Kendo, Tanya Hyde and Freddie Morse & Bob Bennett "eroto-fetishism" has been brought into the mainstream arena. Packing their production with eleven of Britain's sexiest girls, Freddie and Bob have produced five sizzling and sensuous scenes for Fetish Desire 3, all with a slight twist.

The Queening Room
Suited business man Mark Slone disappears under some railway arches and enters a dark red and purple bedecked club. Standing behind the bar with her long dark hair and shiny black dress is Frankie. Jamie Brooks balances on a bar stool in her red rubber get-up and large brimmed black hat. Mark is ordered to strip and go down on his knees to lick Jamie's arse. She continues sipping her drink. Frankie tells him to tongue her black dress and Jamie fingers herself as she watches. Blindfolded, Mark is led away by the two. Frankie bends and her buttocks stick out of her bum-less dress. She forces them into Mark's face. Jamie reappears in fishnets with a half-cup bra pushing her tits up and out. She slips a chain round Mark's neck and pulls him into her bum. Now with her thigh-length black boots on, Frankie sits on Mark. His tongue probes her holes and dances over her swollen pussy lips. Lying back, Frankie takes Mark's cock in her pussy as Jamie laps at the pair. The girls swap places then roll onto all fours to be fucked doggy. Riding reverse, Frankie eases the cock into her arse as Jamie paws at her tits. Mark eventually cums, covering both girls' bums.

Lesbian Love Lesson
Their hair in bunches and dressed in sexy school girl uniforms, Lolly Badcock and Michelle Banks sit at their desks flicking through a magazine while the teacher is away. Lolly drops her knickers and pulls at her pussy lips, Michelle teases her clit then slips a finger into her fanny. The pair are playing with each other under the desk, their pussies dripping, when teacher Miss Brown returns in her long black gown. The two have already been in trouble for their antics behind the bike shed and disciplinarian Victoria has had enough. Lolly is bent over the knee to have her bum spanked. Victoria takes the girls to the nurses room to give the duo a full examination. Lolly is first on the couch. Kneeling, Victoria forces a set of black beads deep into her bum and she pants as the they pop out one by one. After having a pee, Michelle is next up. Victoria screws a big pink dildo into her pussy, Lolly lends a hand holding open her bum. The three head back to the classroom where Miss Brown gets Michelle to ride a red strap-on fastened to her leg while Lolly watches and wanks herself to orgasm. The class is dismissed.

The Haunted House
In a transparent flowing gown, Charly wanders through the rooms of a large old mansion. Staring out, she strokes her pussy as she sees a white-faced Dougie in the garden. He watches her through the window as she sits, open-legged, fingering herself. Entering the room, Dougie opens his long black leather coat. His cock falls out and Charly takes it in her mouth and her tongue tickles the head. Placing Charly over his shoulder, Dougie carries her to the dining table and lays her out. He starts to munch at her minge and she tweaks her tits and arches her back as he sucks. She sits up to get her throat fucked. The two move to the floor in front of the fire. Sticking her bum high in the air, Charly is taken from behind. Her glitter-covered heels twinkle as she is layed on her back, legs akimbo. Dougie hammers hard into her pussy then lets Charly ride him reverse. He groans as she rocks and bounces on his dick. Leaning forward her body shakes. Dougie pulls out from doing doggy and squirts his cream on Charly's bum.

Morrigan's Sex Slaves
Clad in her shiny rubber corset, Morrigan stands with a naked Suzie Best and Myla lying prostrate on the floor, polishing her high heels and transparent PVC stockings. The two slowly make their way up her legs, rubbing their dusters over Morrigan's bum and pussy. The pair are tied up, Morrigan spanking and running her hands over Myla's bum then slowly inserting a long red toy into her wet pussy. Attention turns to Suzie. The table she is attached to rises up off the floor, Morrigan pulls at her pert nipples and Myla climbs on top. The girls 69, with Morrigan adding an extra tongue. Released, Suzie kneels and a long pink pole is jabbed into her pussy. Morrigan licks her lips as she stretches her open. Myla moves between Morrigan's legs to suck at her snatch, her nose bangs against her pierced clit. A strap-on in place, Suzie is banged with the bright red plastic until she climaxes. Down on all fours, Myla is finished off doggy with the plastic prick.

The Master, The Mistress and Their Maid
Renee has slept in. She jumps out of bed and rushes off for a piss and a quick finger fuck before pulling on her maid's uniform. Mistress Natalia, dressed in her long black cape, black shiny basque and little else, drives up the path almost catching Renee wanking. Clinbing onto the table, Natalia peels down Renee's see-through black knickers and gives her bum a slap. Renee is ordered to the car while Natalia prods herself. Pascal sits behind the wheel his cock out ready and Renee knows what to do. She lies across his lap and her head bobs on the shaft. Renee returns to her Mistress. As Natalia squeezes her tits, Renee chews at her cunt and tongues her arse. Pascal appears. Unfastening his leather pants, she fills her throat with his prick, then guides his wet tool into Natalia's pussy. Renee licks at the pair as they fuck. The girls 69, Pascal poking away at Renee's pussy. Following some reverse cowgirl action Renee uses her stocking-clad feet on his cock. Turned onto her back, Renee is taken missionary, then ends the scene on hands and knees being shagged doggy. Pascal fires his load over Renee's bum. Her duties are over.

With this film Freddie and Bob are onto a winner. Putting eleven girls into a film and doing them all justice in their scenes is no mean task but Fetish Desire 3 does it admirably. The film is packed full of imaginative set-ups and scenes which are matched by the performances of the girls, including relative newcomer Myla. The only very slight niggle I have is the DVD cover which claims Donna-Marie and Poppy Morgan appear; they don't. Their fans may think of putting the film back on the shelf, but they'd be missing a treat as you do get Jamie Brooks, Lolly Badcock, Renee and a whole host of other great girls. Well worth hunting out.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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