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Released: 2006
Director: Freddie Morse & Bob Bennett
Notes: MSS Interactive / American Xcess (USA)
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Running time: 128 mins.

Directors Freddie Morse and Bob Bennett are masters at producing atmospheric scenes with sexy menacing overtones. In Fetish Desires 4 the twelve girls, suitably clad in provocative lingerie, subject a series of guys to their kinky sexual ways and when no men are available they turn on themselves. With Donna Marie, Poppy, Frankie and Natalie Heck appearing, no doubt is left as to who is in charge.

The Dommes and the Pony Boy
In their riding outfits, Poppy and Louise are pulled along the drive in their gig by a leather-clad Ian Tait. They stop in the yard and Poppy climbs down to inspect Ian's cock while Louise is quite content to play with her pussy. Ian stands motionless while Poppy fills her mouth with his dick. With Ian unharnessed, the three head for the stables. Ian is hoisted up feet first and the girls lap and suck at his prick as he dangles. Ian is lowered back down and Poppy sits on his face. His tongue probes her damp pussy while Louise runs his dick over her face and swallows. The girls tie Ian up again and cut off his clothes. Lifting her long black skirt, Louise forces his head into her fanny as she tastes Poppy's pussy. Louise arches her back when Ian jabs his fingers into her hole. Dropping onto all fours, Poppy is shagged doggy. Louise positions herself so the girls can 69. A little reverse riding and Ian showers Louise's face in cum.

Three Holes One Pole
Handing over a pile of cash, Yazmin enters a private club and settles down in a large leather chair sipping champagne. Sarah Lou strolls onto the stage in her thigh-length black boots and starts to pole dance. As she swings round, her bra falls to the floor and she licks at her erect nipples. Yazmin watches, her long coat open, pulling at her pussy. Knickers off, the girls face each other as they finger their clits. Taking a large black toy, Sarah works it between her legs. It gradually goes deeper and deeper into her cunt until she exits, bowing. Elle enters in long black boots and a pony tail butt plug stuffed in her arse. She gyrates, her fingers pulling open her pussy. Then she tastes them. Yazmin sits and masturbates as Elle crams more fingers into her cunt. Crawling over the floor, Elle lies in front of Yazmin and starts lapping at her snatch, her tongue darting over the juicy pink flesh. Sarah returns and eases the butt plug in and out of Elle as she licks. The three climb onto the stage, Yazmin and Sarah 69ing with Elle bent over on the pole spanking her arse.

Retro Domination
A masked Danny finds himself chained up in a gloomy dungeon. Blonde Natalie, in her 50's style girdle, bra and stockings, prods his body with her riding crop. Rubbing her body against his, she moves to a crimson coloured sofa and starts to finger. Similarly dressed Tiffany Diamond takes over the poking of Danny then flashes her luxuriantly hairy snatch. Natalie fills her face with Danny's cock. Spit dribbles out as it slips down her throat. Tiffany joins in, wrapping her red painted lips around the shaft. The girls' tongues move down to Danny's nut sack. Tiffany forces Danny's face into Natalie's fanny as she lounges on the sofa, her legs spread wide. Removing his mask, Danny is allowed to munch at her minge. Tiffany sits on his back, smearing her wet pussy over his spine. A gag with a dildo attached is strapped round Danny's mouth. His head nods as the plastic prick penetrates Tiffany's pussy. On all fours, Natalie is fucked doggy and she grabs Danny's bright red balls as they bonk. Turning, Tiffany rides reverse with Natalie sitting on his face. The trio re-position and Tiffany is taken missionary with her legs held high. Danny moves his cock into Natalie's arse and shags her spoons. The girls kneel to get their faces covered in spunk.

Prisoner of the Goth Bitches
Tony's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. He spots an imposing Victorian mansion and heads for help. He finds the front door open and a pair of knickers in the middle of the hall. Two white-faced goths, Donna and Sabrina (Janie) dressed in long black coats, peer over the banister. Before Tony knows what's happening he is trussed up by the girls and they are stroking his shaft as they pleasure each other. Pussy lips pulled apart, Donna gets Sabrina to finger fuck her. The two slouch back on the sofa and cram cucumbers in their cunts and arses. With Tony released, the three make for the bedroom, Sabrina rubs her clit over his face while Donna downs his dick. The pair lick either side of Tony's cock then take turns to deep throat. With Tony hanging off a sofa, Sabrina rides him reverse and Donna sandwiches his head between her thighs and pulls him into her pussy. The girls swap, Donna filling her bum and Sabrina using her fingers on her fanny. Donna laps at Sabrina as she is taken from behind. Finally the girls crouch before him. Donna's mouth is filled with jizz and she gives Sabrina a spunky kiss.

Fishnet Slave Sluts
In her footless pink fishnet tights and blue sequined top, Suzie Best is being held captive. A booted Frankie leads Tammy, in purple and red high heels, into the room. Frankie starts to inspect Suzie. Licking at her fishnet clad buttocks, she pulls at her panties to reach her pussy. Tammy is ordered onto the floor so that Frankie can finger her fanny. Her tights are ripped open and Suzie is invited to bury her head in the moist hole. Suzie's tights are next to go, ripped asunder as Frankie dives for her pussy. Suzie stuffs the remains of her fishnets into her fanny. After taking Tammy with a strap-on, Frankie orders Suzie to sit on her plastic prick. Changed into new fishnet tights, the other two girls turn their attention to Frankie. She wriggles and worms as her snatch is sucked. Suzie tries a white rabbit on her own pussy before pressing hard into Frankie's clit. Jabbing at each other, the girls moan. Tammy's tongue laps at Frankie's moist minge. The two girls are sent away leaving Frankie alone.

With twelve great girls putting in sizzling hot performances, this film has a lot going for it even if you are not into the eroto-fetish scene. Freddie and Bob certainly known how to get the best out of their cast, setting and costumes to produce a highly stylised film. The only slight niggle I have is the end of the second scene which appears to abruptly stop - a very minor point in an otherwise excellent film. Let's hope Freddie and Bob can keep coming up with new scenarios for more in this first-class series.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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