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Released: 2007
Notes: Wicked City Films
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Running time: 154 mins.

If you want any work doing around the house then don't call Tony and Danny. The five, 30 minute vignettes in Fill That Crack show that while the boys may have all the tools, they are better at bonking than building. Alexis, Antonia and Leah all have jobs for the boys to do. Although most of the time it's ceiling gazing. Suzie Best and Suzi also find that when it comes to pulling things down, the first to go is their knickers.

Hammers in hand, Danny and Tony set about demolishing a wall in the back garden. Looking out of the back door, Alexis realises the two are in the wrong place. She calls them in before they can do any more damage. Inside, both boys stare at Alexis's boobs rather than listening to what she says. Failing to grab their attention, Alexis removes her fuchsia top and bra. Tony moves to lick at her tits. The only thing she'll get from these two is a good fucking. Danny lifts her short skirt, lapping at her pussy and arse. Alexis bangs her boobs against Tony's face. Stripped, she sucks at Tony's cock while Danny fills her doggy. Alexis's body glistens with sweat as she bounces up and down on Tony's dick. He reaches round to play with her boobs. Moving to an empty room, Alexis goes down on all fours to be fucked up the bum. A little double dick work from the pair and Alexis gets her face plastered with spunk.

Swinging away with his sledge hammer, Danny wakes Suzie Best who has been squatting under the stairs. He tells her the house has to come down. Suzie wants to see if she can change his mind. Pulling at his jeans, she wraps her hands around his shaft and slips it between her lips. Danny holds tightly on to her blonde pigtails as she sucks and pokes his prick into her cheek. In the kitchen, Suzie jumps onto the work bench. Danny pulls down her pants to tongue at her pussy through her coral pink knickers. Sliding off the bench, Suzie stands on one leg. Danny pushes his prick into her pussy. Climbing back onto the grey marble work top, Suzie spreads her legs to be taken missionary. The two move back to the hall. Getting Danny onto his back, Suzie slides his cock into her arse and rides him reverse. Kneeling, Suzie plays with her pussy while Danny jerks his jizz into her mouth.

Tony is sitting having a sandwich when Leah, in clumpy black shoes, arrives to complain about the noise he's been making. She offers him a shag if he'll work more quietly. Tony grabs the opportunity and the two head indoors. Slipping her hand down Tony's trousers, Leah releases his cock. Her tongue flicks over the tip. Taking his manhood deep into her mouth, Leah's head bobs. She undoes her white bra and short skirt and drops forward. Tony thrusts into Leah's studded snatch. Her boobs brush, then squash, against the floor. She turns to be taken missionary. Swapping places, Leah mounts Tony's cock reverse, grinding and banging against his balls. Ready to cum, Tony coats Leah's chin with his cream.

Wandering through the garden in her cropped black top, mini skirt and boots, Antonia hopes to find Danny, but only Tony is there. He'll do for the little job she has indoors. Leaning against a wall, Antonia lifts her short skirt to show Tony her pussy. She gets him to drop his pants and crouches to suck his cock. Her tongue darts along Tony's length and she slips it between her lips. Hooking her black top under her boobs, Antonia removes her skirt. Tony kneels as she backs her pussy onto his prick. Moaning, and with her juices flowing, Antonia rolls onto her back. With her legs high in the air, she gets shagged. Tony props her against a wall as he thrusts in deep. Disappearing into what looks like a cupboard, Antonia lowers herself onto Tony. He plays with her tits as she dances up and down on his cheb. With her mouth wide open, Antonia takes Tony's cum over her face.

Sitting on the step for a smoke, Danny notices Suzi walk past. Chasing across the garden, he catches her at the corner of the street. He has something that may interest her... In the house, Danny whips out his tool. Suzi moves in between his legs to fill her face. The camera pans under her summer dress to reveal her white knickers pulled tight into her snatch. She strips to her red high heels. Down on her hands and knees, she sighs as Danny jams his prick into her pussy. Flipping Suzi over, the action continues missionary. Suzi roles onto her side. With slow, deliberate strokes, Danny shags her spoons. Pushing herself up onto her knees, Danny yanks his load over Suzi's face.

While the idea of Danny and Tony as inept builders, shagging a boat load of beautiful girls, is good and fairly well performed, the production and presentation have let this film down. The editor / director has inserted short sections of black and white footage of a different size format into all of the scenes, only to revert back to normal a few seconds later! Why? It adds nothing to the film and the impression is created that the DVD is faulty, or the telly's gone on the blink. Questions also have to be asked about the camera work in some sections. Shots of the boys' backs or headless torsos humping away is not very good viewing. OK, the film isn't all bad, but with such a strong cast I'm a tad disappointed with Fill That Crack.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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