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Released: 2008
Director: Kendo
Notes: Dreamlight Studios
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Running time: 96 mins.

Kendo mixes your most erotic fantasies with your worst nightmares to come up with Fear. Over five scenes, seven girls (Alysha Leigh, Angel Long, Elizabeth Lawrence, Michelle Thorne, Renee Richards, Suzie Best and the European Daria Glower) confront ecstasy and hell in a series of steamy sessions.

In her tight lace-fronted black dress, Michelle Thorne enters a lift and presses the button to go down. Walking through the grimy corridors of the basement, she's grabbed from behind by a masked Renee and dragged to a waiting dentist's chair. Hooded, Michelle sits as Renee ravishes her body and probes at her pussy through blue plastic gloves. A small spurred wheel run over her boobs and thighs, making Michelle flinch. Her hood removed, a plug is moistened in Michelle's mouth and pushed deep into her pussy. Renee attacks her clit with a mains powered vibrator. Michelle is thrown to the floor. Renee lifts her rubber apron and forces her fanny into Michelle's face. She's made to lick. Picking a studded mace from the table, Renee gives a maniacal laugh. Michelle lets out a scream.

Locked in a cage, wearing fishnets and boots, Suzie feels so hot and horny. A masked guard rattles the bars and pokes at her pussy with a long pole. Released, Suzie falls to the floor. The guard rips asunder the crotch of her tights and throws her a huge dildo. Suzie rams it into her pussy but still wants more. The guard gets his cock out for Suzie to suck and screws his baton between her legs. A black plastic phallus follows it into her pussy. The guard sits in a leather armchair, pulling Suzie onto his cock. With her fishnets in tatters, she bounces on the shaft. Down on all fours, Suzie is hammered doggy style. The guard covers her back with his cream.

In a cracked mirror, a masked man catches a glimpse of Angel in her scarlet dress and fur wrap. Her hands and legs are tied. Unfastening her, he licks at Angel's black high heel sandals, then pulls at her dress to bite at her boobs. A latex covered finger reaches her pussy and jabs in. Angel licks her juices from the glove. Dropping to her knees, Angel tongues along the guy's shaft and wanks him deep into her mouth as he pulls at her pussy. Placing her on a bench, he licks at Angel's painted toes and works his way up her legs to her pussy. A leather clad Alysha arrives and orders the guy away. Burying her face between Angel's legs, Alysha sucks and laps. The guy watches, tugging on his dick as Alysha fucks Angel doggy with her big black strap-on. Picking up a long black pole, Alysha crams it into Angel, making her body shudder.

Wearing a long fur coat which covers her black basque, Elizabeth sets off for an appointment with Fear. She's greeted by a gas mask wearing Jay who guides her to 'The Chair'. Undoing her wrap, he sets to pulling and teasing her nipples before moving down to her pussy. Her legs spread, he prods and pokes at Elizabeth's damp mound. A fucking machine is wheeled in. With the tip resting against her pussy lips, it's turned on. Jay wanks as the machine strokes deep and hard into Elizabeth. Kneeling on the chair, she takes his cheb into her mouth and sucks. Jay turns her over and thrusts in, missionary. His finger enters her arse. Discarding his mask, Jay moves into the chair. Elizabeth joggles and gyrates on his dick as her boobs are chewed. Jay fires his load over her bum.

In the final scene, a sex mad and depraved Daria traps JJ in a lift where she uses and abuses his body.

Dark, brooding and full of atmosphere, Kendo has produced a masterful erotic horror. The scenes are jammed with erotic menace which is never allowed to go over the top. With great performances from all concerned, Fear should be put on your 'Must See' list. But be warned, don't watch this film alone in the dead of night ...

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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