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Released: 2006
Notes: English Amateur
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Running time: 57 mins + 14 minute bonus scene.

With no indication of who the girls are, who the director is, or when it was made, Fuck the bride is a single scene film which runs for just under an hour.

No sooner have Tiffany and her new husband arrived at their reception - held for some strange reason in a beige painted office - than he is called away, leaving her and Tati, the bridesmaid, alone with a group of ageing guys who look and sound like extras form the cast of Eastenders.

Trying to console Tiffany, Tati snogs Tiffany. Lifting her wedding dress, she shows the crowd what her husband is missing. Tati slips in for a taste, before opening her black dress to reveal her black panties and stockings. Time to open the presents. Dildo after dildo comes out of the wrappers. The girls decide to try them out. Stretched out across the table the two start to suck the cocks of the guests. Tati opens her legs to get fucked, whilst Tiffany slips into something more suitable. She returns in a shiny black rubber dress and stockings. The guys move around fucking the two. The emminent Doctor husband returns to find Tiffany with a cock in her cunt. He joins in the shagging, pouring bubbly over his bride's pussy to christen it. With lots of yanking at wrinkled dicks, the guys cum over the girls.

The film has a 14 minute bonus scene 'Interview with the Bridesmaid'. In her shimmering black dress she sits on the table masturbating through her black tights. Fingers, then a pale blue vibrator, are slipped into her pussy as she is asked questions. Eventually her body shakes as she orgasms.

This film is very amateurishly made. The set up is poor, the camerawork is questionable, and the guys look as if they'd been let out of a home for the day. Tiffany and Tati seem most bemused by the goings on. Especially, the so called story line. Like holiday videos, the film may appeal to the people who were in it, but very few else.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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