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Released: 2007
Director: Maestro Claudio
Notes: Platinum X
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Running time: 143 mins.

Freshly Fucked is Platinum X's platform for introducing new girls to the public. Admittedly, Leah Jaye is well known on this side of the Atlantic, but to the Americans she, like Paige Taylor, Kylee Rees, Chastity and Barbie Love, is new to the scene.

Leah stands in the garden, her white blouse unbuttoned. She gently strokes her boobs. A hand slides into her black panties before she pulls them down. She heads for the house. Opening the French doors, Leah enters the bedroom. Mark Wood waits, his prick at the ready. Swooping down, Leah licks at his length. Her tongue works its way from the tip of the dick to Mark's balls. The pair climb onto a huge bed with an ornate marble head. Leah pins Mark down and rides him cowgirl. Lifting Leah up, Mark places her on her back and starts to fuck. Juices dribble out of her pussy. Rolling over, Leah buries her face in the bed clothes as she is taken from behind. The pair turn back over, Mark pulling at her tits as she bounces reverse cowgirl on his cock. Slipping to the floor, Leah sticks out her tongue for Mark's jizz. Smiling, she swallows.

The film is crisply and cleanly shot, although as far as the action is concerned there is little variation between each scene. Leah's experience in front of the camera is obvious and she turns in the best performance of the five girls on show. Paige, complete with crosses tattooed on her hips, Kylee and Barbie all did quite well in their scenes. The only weak girl was chunky thighed Chastity who appeared a little 'lost' at times. Freshly Fucked is a reasonably good attempt to bring new girls to the fore.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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