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Released: 2005
Director: Laurent Sky
Notes: Ninn Worx, 4 disc
Alternate Titles
  • Laurent Sky's Fetish Circus
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 144 mins.

Ninn Worx films can be visually confusing and that's the case with Fetish Circus. With midgets, mutants and a montage of images flashing across the screen, the film is Laurent Sky's take on what a fetish movie should be. Shot against a back drop which is a cross between a steel works and a mad professors lab, a series of sexy PVC clad girls, including Aurora Snow, Mia Smiles, Nichol Sheridon and Ashley Long, take part in disjointed, chaotic sex.

With her blonde hair frizzed out, Ashley lies in a perspex tube. A midget in a wheelchair approaches accompanied by his heavily studded assistant. The picture breaks. The midget runs for his life on a treadmill while Ashley caresses and wraps her legs around a large gas cylinder. In her bright red calf length boots, Ashley wanders the lab, pulling at her pussy and arse as she presses against the equipment. Placed in a glass box, she waits. Two guys are released from cages. They grope her body with long rubber gloves and slip a toy into her pussy. Ashley finds herself on the floor jerking at the guys' dicks. She stands on one leg to be spit-roasted. Re-entering the tube, a guy joins her. They shag spoons. The action is reflected back from the walls. The picture fades... Returning, Ashley is on the floor being DP'd. The boys wank their loads into a large syringe and squeeze it into Ashley's mouth.

The constant chopping and interlacing of images is disorienting. Fat ladies in baths smearing their body's with cream cakes are inter-cut with monocled SS officers shagging in showers. It's hardly surprising the DVD comes with a 54 minute behind the scenes dissertation from Director Laurent Sky, explaining what it's all about... Unfortunately, this is as confusing as the film. There's no doubt Fetish Circus is full of clever visual effects and hours must have been spent in the editing suite. I just don't understand it!

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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