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Released: 2008
Director: James Edwards
Notes: Candice Paris
Alternate Titles
  • Kaz B: Fallen Angels 4
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 82 mins.

They always say first impressions are important and, after KazB very quietly introduces herself on a squeaky swivel chair, Fallen Angels 4 doesn't get off to a good start.

Pussy Play
Crouched on the familiar leather sofa, in her black lingerie and fishnets, KazB pulls her panties aside and starts to finger. The camerawork wobbles and wavers as it moves in for a close-up of KazB filling herself with a brightly coloured toy. Lying back, her eyes closed, she runs the vibe over her pussy. Eyes open and KazB is now in a black t-shirt and her pussy has become bald! She tugs at her clit. The scene suddenly stops.

Hot Stuff
Wearing leopard print boots, KazB is joined on the sofa by Rio Lee. Kissing, the two peel down each other's tops and bite at boobs. The girls rub and press their nipples together. Bending over, KazB gets her bum spanked as she slips to the floor to lick Rio. Rio discards her knickers. KazB's tongue teases Rio's pierced hood. She parts her lips to finger. Pulling on a strap-on, Rio fills KazB from behind. The two suck at the detachable dick. Next, KazB buckles up the strap-on to fuck Rio. She wipes the wet toy over her face. The two sit side-by-side wanking.

Triple Header
Rio does the introductions for the next scene (I thought this was KazB's film?) with Antonia and KazB beside her. The girls start with some boob biting, then opening Antonia's fishnet clad legs, move on to pussy. KazB thinks Rio would look better with some plastic in her pussy and jams in a dildo. The picture joggles and wobbles as the girls wank. Antonia has donned the strap-on and takes KazB as she licks at clit. The camera has difficulty in following the action as KazB rides the strap-on reverse. She turns to face Antonia, the toy still in her pussy. A purple vibrator is pushed into Rio. The picture fades...

Sexy Casting Couch
Alysha appears in matching attire and KazB soon has her pert tits out of her top to give them a squeeze. Alysha drops to the floor in front of KazB to play with and probe her pussy. Her tongue reaches KazB's arse and she licks. Removing her pink panties, Alysha climbs back in the sofa. Then it's her turn to be licked. For added excitement KazB sticks a pink rabbit into Alysha's pussy. The girls climax.

Best Friends
The final scene in this short film sees Elle on the sofa with KazB. With no time to waste, Elle loosens her pink-spotted panties and displays her hairy muff. With some difficulty, KazB's bra is undone and the two suck at each other's boobs. Holding a rabbit against Elle's clit, KazB drops to eat pussy. She eases the toy between her lips. A bright pink vibrator is found for KazB and it's planted between her legs. The girls finger one another.

The cobbled together nature and lack of quality in KazB's first scene leads you to think Fallen Angels 4 has been made from left overs found on the cutting room floor. The film does get better as it goes along, but it still hits patches of indifference. Even Elle's appearance at the end does little to redeem this woefully short film. Fallen Angels 4 has some great girls in a lousy film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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