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Released: 2008
Director: Willy White
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Housewives 'Avin It Away: Filfy MILFS
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 95 mins.

The standard of Rude Britannia releases has been sinking recently. So, it was with some trepidation that I popped Filfy MILFs into the DVD player. Not a good start: the title on the film comes up as Housewives 'Avin It Away and not Filfy MILFs as it says on the cover. Still, Filfy MILFs was there in brackets!

The film kicks off with an almost naked Carly kneeling on the bed, her hands above her head while a guy laps at her breasts. Carly kisses him, slowly moving down his body towards his cock. Starting to suck, she rolls onto her back and fingers herself. The pair twist round to 69. Carly's thighs quiver as her clit is teased. Carly slides down the condom covered cock to ride reverse. The couple fall onto their sides in front of the full length mirror. Doggy and missionary work follow before the guy wanks over Carly's face and tits.

Kissing on the bed, Julie's yellow bra falls away as she has her tits fondled. The guy eases his hand under her short black skirt where he prods his fingers into Julie's shaven pussy. Unzipping his pants, Julie places his prick in her mouth. The two twist on the bed as they wank each other. Skirt pulled tight across Julie's bulging stomach, the guy enters her missionary. She licks her juice from the cock and balls. A little cowgirl and Julie rolls off to be fucked from behind - pussy first, then in the arse. Then it's back to missionary before Julie gets a mouth full of cream.

Becky lies on the bed in a black dress and stockings. A grey-haired guy paws at her panties. Her hand reaches for the front of his trousers while he plays with her pert boobs. Lapping at his cock, Becky gets fingered. The guy then tackles her bald snatch with his tongue. Dress off, Becky pulls open her pussy and lowers herself onto the erect shaft. The couple shag in the standard positions - spoons, doggy and missionary - and the scene ends with a mammoth tadger tug till the guy cums over Becky's face.

The final scene starts with Layla having a cock deep down her throat as she lounges on a leather sofa. Her hand goes to her pussy and she slips in a finger. A second faceless guy arrives. Coating Layla in lube, he bangs his cock in from behind. The clank of a pedal bin lid greets the third faceless dick. The boys move round Layla, banging away. There's more lid clashing and more legs appear as Layla crams two cocks into her mouth. Down on the floor, Layla takes some doggy action, then tries two guys together. The scene closes with three cocks surrounding Layla's face. The first two fire their loads and the third is ready when the picture fades.

On the positive side, the scenes are fairly well lit and almost all in focus. A big improvement over some of Rude Britannia's other stuff. Nevertheless, the camera work is still wobbly and the editing more intrusive than you would want. What of the girls? All appeared to be enjoying the sex, but only Carly knew how to perform for the camera. Overall, Filfy MILFs is better then other recent Rude Britannia films... but it's still a long way behind the rest of the field.

Notes by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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