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Released: 2009
Director: Ric Porter, Vikki Holloway
Notes: Portway / Union Films, originally Television X series It's A Girl Thing
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Running time: 140 mins.

Female Fantasies is Ric Porter and Vikki Holloway's film about girls and their dreams. Although the film was originally a TV series, the R18 release of the movie shows no evidence of its origins. Over five cleanly shot scenes, six girls let their imaginations run riot as they fulfill their deepest desires.

Lounging on a leopard skin chair, wearing a 40's style red and white spotted dress, Robyn watches as Jay is transformed from T-shirt and jeans to an American sailor in naval whites. Their lips meet. Jay slips his hand under Robyn's petticoat and strokes at her frilly white knickers. Moving down her neck, Jay eases out Robyn's boobs and nibbles at her nipples. Lying back, she lets him lick his way up her tan seamed stockings towards her pussy. A bulge appears in Jay's uniform as his tongue darts over Robyn's clit. She releases his prick and pops it between her scarlet red lips. Jay's shaft is covered in spit. Robyn spreads her legs and he plunges deep into her pussy. With Jay sitting down, Robyn slowly sinks down on his length for a ride. The session culminates in doggy sex and Robyn being showered in cum.

Wandering into the bathroom, Cyprus caresses her body through her blouse as she watches Demitri in the shower. Climbing in beside him, Cyprus presses herself against his wet body. Her hand grabs his dick and she starts to wank. Undoing her bra, Demitri squeezes Cyprus's erect nipples. She stoops to suck at his cock. Demitri falls to the floor, Cyprus's head bobbing on his cheb. Pulling aside her panties, he fingers her neatly trimmed muff. Tongues flick as the two explore each other's bodies. Easing his prick past Cyprus's knickers, Demitri take her from behind. She turns to mount his cock, cowgirl. With her legs up on Demitri's shoulders, Cyprus is fucked missionary on the bathroom floor. He shoots his load into her pussy.

Sitting in an airy and spacious bedroom, Malvina and Tanya wait for their boyfriends. They hear Sensi and Clark on the stairs. Clark's hands rove over Malvina's bum as they kiss. Sensi caresses Tanya's shoulders and neck, then moves down to her breasts. The four make for the bed. The girls let the guys lick and paw at their pussies. Sitting up, the two take mouthfuls of dick. Malvina feels Clark's cheb on her tonsils. Tanya and Sensi 69. Shifting down Sensi's body, Tanya impales her pussy on his shaft. Malvina mount's Clark's cock and rides. Dripping with sweat, the boys bang away. Tanya stands beside the white wardrobe and is fucked from behind. Malvina spreads her shaven snatch to be pumped and shagged. Both girls climb back onto the bed. The boys jerk their jizz over the girls' faces.

Syren has long had a fantasy about having two guys at the same time. When Damian and Jon arrive, her dream becomes reality. Sandwiched between the pair in a pink silk basque with matching knickers, Syren rubs at the boys' crotches. Lifting out her boobs, the two suck at her nipples. She invites them to lick between her legs, leaving a damp patch in her panties. The boys part Syren's pussy lips and tease her clit. Tugging at their pants, Syren's head bobs from cock to cock as she wanks the damp duo. After being banged missionary by Damian, she turns to be taken doggy by Jon. Syren rides one dick while licking the other, swapping between the two. The fantasy ends with the pair coating Syren's face in spunk.

Tracy is exercising when personal trainer Jayce arrives. He immediately starts work, holding her stomach as she does sit-ups. Leaning together, their lips meet and tongues intertwine. They break off and head for the sofa. Pulling her shorts aside, Jayce examines and licks at her pierced clit. Her tits out of her tight blue top, he tweaks Tracy's nipples. Squeezing Jayce's dick through his pants, Tracy releases it and starts to suck. Licking her lips, she drops on to all fours to be entered from behind. The two roll over. Tracy slaps against Jayce's thighs as she bangs down, reverse cowgirl. The two tumble onto a sheepskin rug. Tracy cries with pleasure as Jayce thrusts in deep. He pulls out to cover her face in cream.

For a film to leave an impression it must get off to a good start and that's exactly what happens with the first scene in Female Fantasies. Simply shot, stylish and very sexy, Robyn Truelove, in her fulsome, spotted dress, looks as if she slipped through a time warp from the late 40's or early 50's. The first scene sets a high standard and those that follow don't disappoint in comparison. Vikki and Ric have hit all the right notes with Female Fantasies.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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