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Released: 2009
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Durchgefickte Deb├╝tantinnen Tabu
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 134 mins.

Director Hazza B'Gunne, with his sidekick and cameraman Dick Bush, have invited a series of 'new girls' to the Relish emporium as a first step on their way to porn stardom. For Ruby Red, Syren Sexton and Ree Petra, their careers are already on the rise. In Alexa Andreas's case, Fresh Faced Fuckers provides a vehicle to introduce her to the world.

Ruby Red is the first of the fresh faces to find their way to Hazza's office. During her introductory chat she teases her nipples through her tight white top. Peeling off her clothes, Ruby pops into a shower and soaps her body. Jay climbs in beside her. Crouching to suck cock, the water teems over Ruby and Jay. She turns and leans against the wall to be fucked from behind. Dried off, the duo stretch out on a sheepskin rug. Jay slips his dick into Ruby, spoons. A little doggy, then Ruby wriggles and writhes on her back as Jay bangs her pussy. Pulling out, Jay squirts his spunk on Ruby's boobs.

Swinging back and forth on Hazza's swivel chair, Alexa Andreas eases a breast out of her black top and explains her ambitions. Stripped down to her black lingerie, she crawls across the desk to give a close-up as she runs her hands over her body. The boys decide to give her a break into the industry. In black basque and fishnets, Alexa is presented to Clark. To become better acquainted, she stoops and flicks her tongue across his cock. Placed on the couch, Clark slips his fingers past Alexa's knickers before removing them to lap at the neatly trimmed mound. Cameraman Dick reaches to fondle Alexa's boobs as she guides Clark's manhood into her pussy. Clark flops back. Grabbing his dick, Alexa takes it into her mouth, then stands to slide down the wet shaft. Down on all fours, Alexa gets her bum spanked as she is filled from behind. She turns to get her boobs spattered with Clark's cream.

Bubbly Geordie blonde Syren Sexton wants to get into movies in order to be fucked long and hard. That's good enough for Hazza and Dick to take her into the studio. Syren performs a slow, sexy strip. Dick slaps at her bum. It turns her on, making her nipples hard and erect. Sitting, Syren stretches her pussy and teases her clit. Pulling on a pink top and denim skirt, Syren is ready to meet stud Mark Sloan. She wastes no time in releasing his cock from his pants and feeding it into her face. Biting at Syren's boobs, Mark's fingers make their way down her body. He drops to probe and lick at her snatch. Her pussy soaking, Syren slips herself onto Mark's shaft and rocks away, reverse cowgirl. A taste of juices from Mark's manhood and she goes down on all fours to be taken doggy. Unable to contain himself, Mark shoots his load over Syren's body.

Anna T has travelled from Latvia to see the boys. Letting her dress fall to the floor, she shows the pair what she can offer if she appears in a film. Showering before her scene, Dick films as Anna caresses her body and fondles her breasts. Dried and dressed, she moves to the bed where Jay is ready for the action to start. The couple slowly undress and investigate each other's bodies. Anna smiles when she sees the size of Jay's cock. Wrapping her hand around its girth, she sucks. Jay laps at Anna's pussy and turns her onto her hands and knees. The bed creaks as he bangs in, doggy style. Easing herself onto Jay's length, Anna rides reverse. She falls on to her side for some spoons. Jay jerks his jizz over Anna's stomach. Her first scene is a hit.

In a simple grey dress, Ree Petra sits on Hazza's sofa telling him how she wants to make it big in films. Flashing her white bra and knickers, she talks of the fantasies she wants to fulfil. Her fingers reach her pierced clit and she gently rubs it. Hazza has to excuse himself quickly as something's come up! Ree wants to try a big dick. The boys arrange for Jay to call round. Grabbing Jay's gland near the balls, Ree gently runs it round her lips. She pops the head into her mouth, then slips the shaft down her throat. Kneeling between Jay's legs, Ree leisurely licks down his length and traps the wet cock in her cleavage. Lying back on the sofa, Ree sinks into the cushions as she fucks. She turns and Jay hammers in from behind. Taking control, Ree climbs onto Jay's rod to ride him. The two settle onto their sides. The scene ends with Ree collecting a mouth full of cum from Jay. Another successful shoot for the boys.

Tucked away in the extras is a seventeen minute segment featuring Melissa, Robyn Truelove and Shay Hendrix on the 'casting couch'. The girls strip and pose for cameraman Dick Bush and, in Melissa's case, do a little solo session.

Whilst there is no problem with the girls, or their performances in this movie, the film is at times a tad on the dark side. Okay, these are supposed to be spontaneous casting sessions shot 'au natural' in the Relish offices. But a little light may have helped. Apart from that, Fresh Faced Fuckers provides a good opportunity to see some of the newer girls on the British scene and is worth a viewing for that reason.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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