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Released: 2009
Director: Strangelove
Notes: Harmony
Alternate Titles
  • La Fille Aux Bas Rouge Marc Dorcel
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 149 mins.

Harmony have long had a reputation as world leaders in producing high quality erotic movies. Director Strangelove's latest film Foxy Tarts, starring Ree Petra, Katie K, Lolly Badcock, Strapon Jane, Melvina Raquel, Renee Richards and kinky French girl Loona Luxx, easily falls into into this category.

Slowly walking along a darkened corridor, Ree's short flared dress and feathered headpiece are silhouetted against a brilliant green light. She pushes open a door to find three guys in clown masks bound and tied. Ree wanders amongst them, stroking at the front of their broad checkered pants. Peeling out a prick she tugs at it, then passes on in the eerie green light. Ree bends forward, taking a clown deep down her throat. Her fingers wrap round the saliva covered shaft. Released from their ties, Ree summons the guys to be sucked. The boys grope at her boobs as their cocks disappear between her red painted lips. Placed on a stool, the three probe Ree's pussy. She's ready for dick. A few thrusts from the first clown and he quickly cums. Rolling onto her hands and knees, Ree lets the remaining two fill her at both ends. Ree is strapped to a large wheel. The clowns take her for a spin. Next, she's placed in a harness. Her boobs gently swing as the two fuck her. The guys fire their loads over her pussy and face.

Wearing leopard print shoes and fishnet stockings, Loona Luxx drops her frilly pink knickers to go for a ride on Oliver and George in their open top motor.

Her legs up in stirrups, Katie K sits in the centre of an operating theatre. Nurse Lolly approaches. Crouching, her tongue darts over Katie's tight white panties. Lolly's hands explore Katie's fishnet clad legs as she sucks at her snatch. Unzipping Katie's white uniform, Lolly teases Katie's tits, biting and squeezing her nipples. Her eyes closed, Katie's head rolls when Lolly's fingers enter her pussy. Quivering with pleasure, Katie pisses herself. Scissors in hand, Lolly snips off Katie's wet knickers and plugs her pussy and arse with a double-ended dildo. She moans as the toy is rocked back and forth. Swapping places, Lolly finds herself in the chair, her legs parted, with Katie probing her pussy with a plasma wand. Parting her plump lips, Lolly's body jolts as the toy sparks over her clit. Fastening a strapon to her chin, Katie enters Lolly. Her face bobs against her fanny. A stainless steel rod is next to be dragged between Lolly's pussy lips. Katie crams herself with a big black dong while Lolly wanks with the shiny metal shaft. Clad in red latex, Strapon Jane arrives, her strap-on at the ready. Katie is the first to feel the plastic prick deep inside her pussy. Lolly kneels, her bum high in the air, to take Jane's large phallus.

Two caged guys watch Melvina gently rocking on a chair. With each stroke, a fluorescent pink dick penetrates her pussy. Their pricks in their hands, the guys start to wank as they see Melvina arch herself as she rides the toy. Released from their cages, the toy is replaced by the boys' tongues. The two lick and lap her pussy and arse. Hooded and strapped down, the guys' cocks are at Melvina's mercy. She takes them deep into her mouth and traps the wet members in her cleavage. Lying Melvina over a stool. the two fuck away at her pussy and mouth. Melvina turns onto all fours to finish the job. The boys cum over her bum.

Businesswoman Renee stares at pictures of guys on her laptop. Feeling horny, she lifts her pinstriped skirt and runs her hands over her black knickers. Wriggling out of her panties, Renee fingers herself under the desk. Unbuttoning her black jacket, she heads down the corridor to the toilet. Rushing past George, she enters the cubical and starts to wank. The sound of buzzing and moaning attracts the cleaner's attention. He peeks over the door to find Renee with her legs spread and a vibrator pushed hard against her pussy. Changing the head on her toy, Renee props herself up on the toilet and continues to probe and play. Opening the door, she spots George wanking. Kneeling before him, Renee fills her mouth with his cock. Dribbling, she feeds the spit covered shaft past her tonsils. Pulling off George's overalls, Renee laps at his arse. Placing her on a stool, he returns the favour. Renee smiles as George's cock enters her from behind. He drops onto one knee and eats at her pussy. Squirting a drop of cum over Renee's bum, George stays stiff and keeps on fucking. The pair move into the corridor. Renee mounts George reverse and finishes being banged doggy. Her pussy sees a second load of spunk. She's satisfied.

There is no doubt Foxy Tarts is a top class film, featuring eroto-fetishism played out in great settings. The only downer is the slight over use of split screen shots during Ree's scene. Whilst this is cleverly done, there's just too much to watch at once. A minor point. The rest of the film is big on positives. Renee Richards is at her sexiest and hottest, putting in one of her finest performances. Foxy Tarts also sees Katie K transformed from the slightly timid girl in her previous films to someone who is wild and wanton, as she comes of age playing nurses with Lolly. Add Foxy Tarts to your list of 'Must See' films from Harmony.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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