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Released: 2008
Director: Jim Powers
Notes: JM Productions
Notes and Reviews

Watching women get fucked by a pink plastic penis on the end of a reciprocating steel rod is not one of my favourite pastimes. But judging from the number of DVD releases and the time and effort engineers put into their creations, some people do. For this release, Jim Powers eschews run of the mill dildos, vibrating saddles and cannibalised electric saws, choosing instead high end precision engineering. He also dismisses any male helpers who, in other releases, might cop a sly fondle or slip the lady a length to finish them off. Jim's women are completely alone and at one with their machine, feeling the touch of hard plastic in their pussies and bums without the prissy use of a condom. I've never sought the views of porn performers on these metal contraptions, but judging by these scenes some find them very arousing while others just go through the motions.

Locations vary throughout the film from dramatic gardens to stark interiors. Petra appears in the penultimate scene on a part-bridge part-gallery with wrought iron railings and a glass floor. This has wonderful possibilities for 360 degree viewing as a naked Petra uses two machines. Petra stands, squats and hangs off the railings as her pussy and then her arse get pounded.

For the rest the film there is a long scene featuring the unconventionally attractive and seriously horny Aline using her machine in the garden of a house in the Hollywood hills, with magnificent views across LA. God knows what the neighbours thought. Anita Blue stays indoors but uses two machines; Petite and naked Jarlin Diaz writhes on the floor taking her plastic penis; and in the last scene Beverley Hills also goes alfresco in another hilltop garden.

Review by Bayleaf
June 2009

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