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Released: 2010
Notes: Poco Loco Media / Purple Plum Productions
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 109 mins.

With ten scenes crammed into just under 110 minutes, this film follows the changing hair styles and boob size of Carly G during her porn career.

Punter Sex
In white lace lingerie and stockings, Carly waits for her guy to arrive. Money sorted, she puts him at ease on the sofa and releases her boobs from her bra. As he sucks at her tits the guy slips his hand into her panties. Carly lies back to be licked. The guy's pants down, she grabs his flaccid prick. Her lips get it ready for action. A quick fuck cowgirl and spoons is followed by a short session of missionary. Unable to contain himself, the guy cums over Carly's face.

Strap-On Sex
Invited back to a hotel bedroom, a grey-haired guy wants Carly to fuck his girlfriend. Saskia appears wearing a school uniform and takes her place on the sofa. Changed into a red bra and knickers with matching high heels, Carly peels down Saskia's panties and laps at her shaven snatch. Blazer and blouse off, she fondles her boobs. The guy sits with his cock in his hands as the two 69. Carly slips a shiny steel rod into his girlfriend's pussy. Stripped and wearing her strap-on, Carly gets Saskia to suck. She eases the plastic prick into the slim, young blonde. Juices trickle down the shaft as Saskia rides cowgirl. The grey-haired guy shoves his cheb in her face. Climbing off Carly, Saskia tries out the real thing.

Cream-pie Spunk Slut
With no introduction, Carly is straight into action, her mouth engulfing a guy's dick. Dropping onto all fours, she's filled from behind. The bed squeaks as she mounts the guy's manhood. A quick few bounces and Carly's pussy is filled with cream.

Fucked in Fishnets
Standing in front of a mirror wearing black fishnet stockings and heels, Carly has her fingers wrapped round a man's shaft. The pair fall to the floor where she's taken doggy, then cowgirl. The scene suddenly stops.

Rough Fuck Like a Whore
In grainy picture quality, Carly loosens her bra as she starts to suck on a big, black cock. Slipping down her red knickers she lies back on the bed. The guy hammers in between her legs. The two turn on to their sides and continue. Carly sits up to catch his load on her tongue.

Fully Loaded
Dressed as a nurse, Carly massages oil into her clients body. Easing her boobs from her bra, she rubs them down along his back, then presses them against his dick. Panties pulled aside, she lowers herself onto his prick and falls forward to be fucked doggy. Lying on the massage table, Carly opens her legs. A few hard thrusts and the guy cums over her pussy.

Pre-Boob Job Session
In a montage of studio shot clips, a blonde and an 'unenhanced' Carly bang away with some guys.

Bareback Gang Bang
In tight satin trousers and a yellow top, Carly arrives at a house where five guys are waiting for her. Changed into a fishnet body stocking, she parades around the room while the men wank. Ripping open the crotch of her fishnets, Carly works her way along the line, alternating between missionary and doggy. One-by-one the blokes shoot their loads over Carly's pussy.

Horny Couple
Camera in hand, Carly has turned up to film XNK0793 and her boyfriend. Climbing onto a bed, Carly shoots while the girl pulls her panties aside to be licked. Dripping wet, Carly fingers her as she turns to swallow her boyfriend's dick. She moves and buries her face. The three shuffle round, the girl tasting Carly while her boyfriend bangs in from behind. Now it's time for Carly to try the guy. She grinds against his balls, cowgirl. The two girls 69, breaking off to catch the cum on their boobs.

Punter Full Cream Pie
In a black PVC skirt and red g-string, Carly waits for the next client. The punter from scene one reappears. She takes him to her bedroom. Stripped, she tugs at his jeans. His cock is better prepared than last time. Taking him in her mouth, Carly sucks, then sits on his length. Swapping between doggy and missionary, the shagging continues. The guy's body stiffens and he pulls away. Cream trickles from Carly's pussy onto the bed.

This film is a hotchpotch of bits and bobs, most of which are annoyingly edited with a 'peel back' effect every 10 to 15 seconds. Badly lit and with washed out colours, only the scene with the unknown girl, and Carly's early works are technically competent. This is a film for die-hard Carly fans only.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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