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Notes and Reviews

An American film made in Russia (though Estonia is mentioned so perhaps 'Russia' is inaccurate) with Russian cast apart from one American male. Hence much of the dialogue is in Russian.

Lana Cox is top of the bill under the name Lana Karenina, but it begins with an American male chatting up a Russian girl who speaks little English, in her flat. This is intercut with sex scenes as his seduction proceeds. First Lana Cox has sex with a male in the kitchen of their home. He comes over a slice of bread and she licks it.

Meanwhile the first seduction has proceeded to coffee. Then a blonde in a peaked military cap, Russian style, is talking to camera when two men enter and a b/b/g scene ensues. Next the original seduction develops into a full sex scene. After this a man is seen hiding a girlie mag under a newspaper when Lana Cox arrives and offers to try on her cut-off denim hot pants for him. She does so and a b/g scene ensues. Lastly a brunette has a solo scene.

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