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Released: 1984
Director: Art Ben
Notes: Vidco / Caballero
Notes and Reviews

A porn murder mystery - a fair murder mystery and damn good porn.

The film opens with a woman being fucked by Jerry Butler. It is fairly evident that this is Colleen Brennan, but we never see her face clearly. This is not bad camera work, but deliberate, for reasons which will become clear later. Jerry cums over her back and she gets up. They have an argument. She threatens him with a gun. There is a struggle and two shots are heard off camera.

Joey Silvera is the detective who investigates this murder of the well-known actress Velva who has come to New York from LA to appear in a sleazy stage show. After a sex scene with a female cop, and while the other cops are searching for her missing maid, he interviews people who knew her, including her agent, who regards her as a good girl, fellow actress Sharon Mitchell who regards her as a bad girl, theatre critic Paula Meadows (good girl), the director of the stage show, (bad girl, etc.). He is suspicious of the agent and plants a bug so that cops in a van outside overhear Sharon Mitchell telling Velva's agent the graphic details of an orgy in which they were both involved with three men. Flashbacks of this are intercut with Sharon getting it on with the agent and the female cop giving a blowjob to the male cop in the van. In the orgy Colleen takes on two men and then all three with Sharon going down on her. Adherence to the idea of not giving a clear view of her face is followed only inconsistently and it is a major omission that we don't see Colleen's cumshots.

At the theatre he interviews Velva's understudy (Taija Rae) while the cast are rehearsing on stage. The director interrupts, insisting that Taija joins them for the rehearsal. Then Joey interviews Paula again with the cast cavorting semi nude in the background. He asks Paula if she knows a back way into the director's office and she leads him backstage and up into the flies (appropriately enough). There they look down on the unsuspecting cast who have now proceeded to hard core, including anal for one girl. Joey and Paula get turned on and Paula undoes his flies and wanks him off. This is her only sex participation in the film.

Joey stays the night at Velva's house and dreams of sex with Taija. When he wakes he finds a cup of coffee by the bedside and goes downstairs to find the maid cleaning up. The maid bears a far from coincidental resemblance to Colleen Brennan. In fact it is her and it was the maid who was murdered. Pointless to go into it here, but the mistaken identity is explained fairly logically, though the resemblance between the two is stretching things a bit.

Joey and Colleen then have a sex scene on the stairs culminating in an excellent facial.

This is a very watchable film. The plot is not too ridiculous and the sex is quite hot, with great looking women with looks varied enough to suit most tastes. The sex scenes follow reasonably naturally from the story and they are not boringly long. Colleen could act and the others are at least competent. Joey Silvera has been known to perform a lot worse than this as an actor.

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