< Geile Kusjes uit Schotland

Released: 1997
Director: Eddy Lipstick
Notes: X-Kiss
Alternate Titles
  • Die Reporter - Schottland Germany, MJP
Notes and Reviews

This features a Belgian guy called Mike visiting Edinburgh where he meets Vinnie Curran.

  • Vinnie meets Mike (who is dressed in kilt, of course) at Edinburgh airport where he gives him a taste of our local whisky which appears to be buckfast!! They meet up with Gayle Appleton, who is also dressed in tartan, outdoor blowjob follows, then back to hotel for straight sex.
  • Mike meets Karen [2], at the bar. Again back to hotel for straight sex.
  • Mike & Vinnie meet Rachel? a familiar older permed brunette with dodgy hooked nose (Elaine [2]) at the supermarket, straight sex again.
  • They are driving Vinnie's van, when they meet Maxine. Her car has broken down; so they give her a lift where she gives a blowjob in the back of the van. Onwards to Edinburgh Zoo, where there is a spot of outdoor blowjob again, back to van where straight sex takes place.

That is it I am afraid - no Scottish girls but plenty of tartan on show.

(This made the front page of the Scottish News of the World a few years back because of the scenes at Edinburgh Zoo - National Outrage etc.)

Notes by crofter

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