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Released: 1995
Notes: Anabolic
Notes and Reviews

There are two scenes in this video, the second of which features Nici Sterling. However, the first scene is actually better thought out - two girls working in a supermarket are discussing their sex lives and a male worker overhears the conversation. One girl dares the other to get off with a male customer and the male worker helps this along. This leads - reasonably realistically for a porn gang bang film - to a gang bang which the other girl eventually joins.

Nici Sterling's scene leads into the sex a lot more abruptly. She is the boss of a farm and orders the male gang working there about. They are about to quit when she returns and orders them to fuck her. The scene includes anal and a couple of DPs. Some of the men cum onto a bowl of berries which she eats, some cum into a glass cup and they dip what looks like a chocolate ├ęclair into this and feed it to her. Then she drinks it and they wipe up the dregs with another ├ęclair. Then there are direct facials in which her long pointy tongue seems to be reaching up towards the cum in her eagerness to taste it. There follows her pre-gang bang interview in which she relates her adventure with the five squaddies. She is also interviewed afterwards and relates which bits of the scene she enjoyed the most. And asks to come back to do another.

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