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Released: 1997
Notes: Anabolic
Notes and Reviews

One of the two scenes features Nici Sterling. The scenario is that she is a serving wench in a 'medieval' castle (actually both the building and the castle look more Jacobean than medieval - they use the same place as that used for Sarah Jane Hamilton's Starbangers video). Nici is seen cleaning the floor and serving a couple of men, but the gang bang takes place on a bed outside, first with two men (Sean Michaels and Wylde Oscar), then five and finally seven. In the first DP she takes Sean Michaels anally. Both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl DPs follow. She takes a facial from two men, but the rest cum into a glass and she tries to drip it onto her tongue, but it all slides out in one lump and then slides off her tongue. She then tries to scoop out what's left with her finger. They then show an interview in which she apologises for the failure to drink it all from the glass and they then try again with a few men and a narrower glass and this time it works.

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