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Released: 2001
Notes and Reviews

A porn series set in an art gallery(!) with its female visitors - dressed quite unusually for art fans - transported into fantasies by the art on offer. Basically an excuse for varying vignettes, and as good as any I suppose.

Claire is in the first scene - her acting in the introduction is not too great, but frankly it lets her speak in her gorgeous accent so I'm not complaining.

She is transported to a Victorian scene in costume and decor - very nicely done. She has her manservant tie her to the bed, but within 5 seconds she's released and sets about him. Watch out for possibly the biggest set of bloomers to ever feature in a porn movie - and she still looks delicious in them! Nice BJ, full sex and anal - all very well shot and given the time to be arousing. Much of the anal is doggy style which shows Claire's body off to very fine effect. She also performs a DP with a dildo as she does Anal. (Historical note: there's no way that big plastic cock was Victorian!) The cum shot is on the tits which lets you see Claire's beautiful eyes looking full into the camera - lovely!

Claire's acting may be a mite dodgy, but as a sexual performer she is excellent - not over acting like so many pornstars, but you definitely know she's there!

A very good performance - and if you like to see a very attractive natural girl getting a good shafting (and don't we all) then well worth checking out.

Review by Crimpo

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