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running time 51mins

gilly and charlotte introduce themselves to the viewer (actually, gilly does all the talking, as she does throughout). she tells us she's been in the business for 7yrs and to keep watching, as we'll see her being fucked by another man. we don't though, because this tape only features her and charlotte.

gilly is wearing a skimpy floral dress and charlotte dons a white t-shirt and close fitting jeans. both girls look good, helped by an absence of the clown-face make up, so beloved of porn producers. why they think it enhances their "product" is beyond me - morons!

things get underway with gilly caressing charlotte all over her still clothed bod for a few minutes. this might appeal to the folksier fringe of the frottage freak fraternity (try saying that after too many tia maria's). all the while, gilly is talking sexily about what they're going to do. sadly, there is no kissing - perhaps they were afraid tongues would start to wag.

with charlotte naked, gilly gets down to going down on her partner, giving her a fingering, at the same time. all the while gilly continues her saucy conversation with the viewer, telling him to wank his cock (now, why didn't i think of that?).

after about 5mins of this, gilly gets her panties off and charlotte repays her in kind, although any oral contact is largely obscured by her head and the immobile camera work. charlotte's fingering of gilly is satisfyingly graphic though, and there doesn't seem anything fake about her response.

20mins into proceedings and at this point the dildos make their inevitable appearance. with gilly lying on the floor and her legs suggesting this was filmed at around a quarter to three, charlotte rubs a small toy over the pussy spread before her and then fucks it with a rather more sizeable specimen. gilly moves into the doggy position for more of the same and sounds like she means it when she tells charlotte to keep fucking her.

gilly takes the dildo off charlotte and continues fucking herself, as she sucks on charlotte's tits. at this point gilly asks the viewer if he want's to see her taking a wee. i say that would be just fine and so she pops into the loo for a spot of light relief, while charlotte watches.

back into the living room and charlotte licks out gilly some more. again, things are somewhat stymied by charlotte's chosen angle of attack and the static camera work (why can't these guys take 2 paces to the left? is it against union rules?). charlotte rubs her finger over gilly's arsehole for a minute or so but doesn't take things any further, even though gilly seems enthusiastic about the prospect.

the dildo reappears in charlotte's hand and promptly disappears into gilly's pussy. gilly seems to find her rhythm at this point and possibly orgasms, although i'm not as much of an expert in these matters as i'd like. gilly then inserts a small dildo into her arse, while charlotte works the larger one in and out of her pussy. this dildo dp-ing of gilly continues for some minutes, followed by charlotte having the same done to her.

we finally have a brief bout of tribadism, whereupon a double-headed dildo is brought out and used in the manner you would expect. the scene fades out...

in summation, gilly is the star of the show, doing all the talking and providing most of the action. it must be said, she looks as good as ever.

on the down side: there is no kissing and the initial caressing isn't maintained beyond the opening sequence; the amount of oral is desultory and carelessly set up; and the action is top heavy with the use of toys, although this may be precisely what other viewers find to their liking.

on the up side: both girls look good, being neither over made up, nor under done; the use of lighting is sensible - not over lit, or too shadowy and gill's talking to the viewer seems to display a genuine enthusiasm for the subject matter - i.e. fucking!

basically, this is something gilly sampson fans will be happy to have in their collection but it may be a bit routine for a more speculative purchaser.

review by woodgnome

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