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Notes: Mask Video Productions
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Sally [8]/Ann [2]: Two gorgeous girls: Ann sits on a chaise-longue brushing Sally's long hair as the latter sits on the floor. Both are in camis and over-the-knees. There is a lovely, slow build-up in which Ann drops to the floor behind Sally to caress and kiss her neck and shoulders, remove her camisole and lick and fondle her breasts. Sally then returns the favour, at which point the action infuriatingly cuts to them both naked but for hose and heels, with Ann's pussy being licked and finger-fucked by the kneeling Sally. The positions are then reversed, this time with a couple of brief close-ups, one via a mirror on the wall. Another cut mid-action returns us to Sally licking Ann, mostly in long-shot but with a few close-ups: a shame, as both girls seem perfectly willing to give cunnilingus their very best shot. A further cut reveals the positions reversed: the pace here is gentler, with all-too-brief close views of Ann rapidly flicking her tongue over Sally's pussy, and parting her lips. The tempo accelerates as Ann clamps her mouth over Sally's pussy and we can clearly see Sally's thigh-muscles contracting spasmodically - no faking here, as is proven by a shot of the latter's panting, contorted face. A few seconds after this another cut jarringly has both girls on the floor, sharing a double-ended dildo, and the voyeuristic mood is shattered by an inaudible but obvious directorial instruction to both girls to look to camera. They do so, and after a quick return to the double-ender the scene ends.

In spite of the terrible continuity gaffes this scene has two beautiful, enthusiastic girls and some sensitive direction in places: with a little more care it could have been a classic. Even the music is sensitively-matched to the action.

Jenna Hill/Tracy Bevist: Under a duvet, Jenna (in white bra, pants and hold-ups) and Tracy (black underwear and Lurex stockings) start kissing deeply and enthusiastically, rapidly undressing each other down to just the stockings. A loose 69 ensues, with Jenna finger-fucking the already-moist Tracy, and the latter then fucks Jenna with a black dildo while she herself squats on a long white vibrator. Jenna ends up using the dildo on herself until Tracy takes over with a finger: this segues into a double-ended dildo session, including mouth-to-Jenna's pussy. Tracy mostly takes the lead here, although Jenna gets her fair share of deep-ish penetration. Several combinations and positions are adopted, until the scene ends with Tracy bringing herself to a noisy and wet climax with two fingers.

Tracy's enthusiasm seems to be infectious, eliciting Jenna's best performance for Mask. The music fades early on to allow us to hear the ambient sound clearly.

Gilly Sampson/Sarah Daniels: Both girls are wearing only white lace-tops, and both are bald (so presumably filmed soon after Furless Fannies). Gilly lies on the bed as Sarah kisses and fondles her way down her body, with some close-ups of her spread lips. Sarah unfortunately keeps looking to camera for direction. Gilly then reciprocates almost identically. The scene then jumps abruptly to a mouth-to-Sarah's pussy double-ender, and again to a shared penetration, where the scene ends. Gilly clearly talks at several points, but the only sound is banal but thankfully subdued music. A perfunctory but 'professional' performance from both participants, although it is a treat to see Sarah's shaved pussy.

Romantics (like me) will love the first scene, despite its obvious flaws, although the other scenes have the 'harder' action. A keeper for the first scene, Sarah's fantastic body, and Tracy and Jenna's enthusiasm. An additional 15 minutes or so added to the 73-minute running time would have been a good move, especially if it was of material linking the positions found at the beginning of each cut. I am beginning to suspect that the director uses a 'Star Trek' beam-transporter to move his girls around. Vanessa Brannan introduces each pair.

Review by JJ

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