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Notes: Mask Video Productions
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Gilly Sampson/Joanne Bache: Both girls are on a bed, with their hair up: Joanne in white lingerie and Gilly in red with black hold-ups. A mutual admiration, with some unscripted dialogue, of their underwear leads to undressing and Joanne finger-fucking Gilly: Joanne is quite enthusiastic, but the result is marred by the return of the dreaded slo-mo. Cut to Gilly treating us to some nice views of Joanne's spread pussy, although the 'cunnilingus' has a lot of 'lingus' but little actual contact with the 'cunni'. I don't know what particular aversion G has to this activity, but I can't recall her ever doing more than this in g/g sex: she is however perfectly happy vigorously fingering Joanne. The last cut shows the girls sharing a double-ender, with Joanne doing most of the work. And a very good job she does too.

Sammy Marshall/Louise [8]: Louise is in red s&s, on the bed, while Sammy stands, in leather-and-chain bra and pants, and thigh boots (woo hoo), with her hair down (woo hoo part 2), telling the viewer what she's about to do: this is the sort of thing she does well. Both girls are bald, so this was presumably shot soon after their Furless Fannies scenes. She gets Louise onto all-fours to show us her bum, then pushes her back on the bed to begin licking her pussy rather tentatively. Sammy then removes the underwear, while Louise slides beneath her like a car-mechanic and begins licking her, more enthusiastically than S: a brief 69 occurs. Louise is then dildoed quite deeply, and reciprocates on Sammy with a depressingly-small white vibe. Just as I was about to despair, the action cuts to some uninspiring posed pussy-to-pussy shots (inducing manic depression in your poor reviewer), but then Louise produces a double-ender and climbs aboard Sammy. The sight of L's tight bum bouncing up and down between Sammy's spread, booted thighs as the dong slurps in and out of their pussies, all-too-brief as it is, is worth the price alone (cue frantic repeat-rewinds.....). The strange last cut is to Sammy rubbing cream into Louise's tits and pussy. Having kept up a running commentary throughout, Sammy now allows Louise her only line: 'Bye-eee', delivered in what may be a European accent.

Janey Lamb/Lucy Gresty: Both girls look great, as you'd expect, Janey in a black outfit with hold-ups, Lucy in a negligee over red s&s and white stox. There is no dialogue (music is by Heart FM, but not too awful): the action is a little perfunctory, going from mutual undressing to pussy-spreading and half-hearted licking. The baby oil appears, and both girls do side-by-side masturbation with small vibes (a rather literal interpretation of the vid's title). Janey then produces the double-ender, which is shared for some brief but fairly deep penetration.

Run-time 66 mins. A fair variety of judicious shot-selection, with good close-ups in all scenes. The girls are all lovely, and it's especially nice to see Joanne, Sammy and Janey in action. The last scene is tame and over-'professional' in terms of action, as is the first to a lesser degree. Sammy is a better actress than the other girls and Louise is not, which means she has to rely on enthusiasm to get her through, which she thankfully has, so this scene is the winner.

The cuts are less jarring than in other Mask videos, but the return of slo-mo in the close-ups is a demerit. Just worth it for Sammy and Louise. Vanessa Brannan as usual links the scenes.

Review by JJ

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