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Released: 2003
Notes: www.wwpw.co.uk, on DVD with no. 1
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Take a large loft room, add five guys and five girls, mix and film. If that's the recipe then the result is very well cooked action.

The guys are talking amongst themselves when the girls march up the open stairs and pair off with the guys - Lee Henshaw, Jazz, Ian Tate, Tyson and a blonde guy credited as Ben Renshaw.

The whole room is pretty cramped with fucking naked bodies plus a cameraman, so there are precious few long shots or, indeed, tracking shots so we can see who's fucking who. However, since everybody is in action all the time (I did log Autumn fucking all the guys while Tyson and Ian got their cocks in all the girls), it's a fair bet that everyone had everyone else. At times multiple girls attacked a cock which freed up Wendy and Teoni to get fucked up the arse and take DP's.

Fantastic action with a friendly party feel as all the performers know each other well. At just over 60 minutes long not great value on its own, but a fine presentation on the same DVD with GBO 1.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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