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Released: 2003
Director: Mike Freeman
Notes and Reviews

In the first film, Sandie Caine plays a bored housewife who likes to get gangbanged for money.

There are a couple of quick scenes where we see both Sandie getting ready and her clients, in a pub, discussing the night ahead. The action then moves to the hotel room where Sandie, in little black dress and thigh boots, is paid by the group leader, who then starts to lick her pussy. Then five more guys arrive and the action begins. Before taking off any clothes, Sandie has a couple of cocks in her mouth and one in her pussy and the frantic action carries on in a mass of hands and cocks. Eventually the cocks move from pussy to arse and then to cowgirl dps and finally the guys cum over all parts of her body.

The action takes place in a particularly small hotel room which can barely accommodate the eight people involved. As a result it's only a guess that all six guys do get to fuck Sandie, with or without condoms. As usual Sandie gives a professional performance accommodating the demands of six guys, without letting on whether she's enjoying herself. This is more likely due to lack of direction. Any film in which Sandie is fucked by so many guys must have something going for it, but the production and camerawork is so poor that it's hardly worth the effort. Continuity is non-existent too. While Sandie is getting ready, she swaps from long hair to short, uses a vibrator on herself and has an 8 second lez scene with Geeta Kara (yes just 8 seconds folks), then goes back to long hair again for the main event.

NB: DVD also includes the film Group Orgy 2 (from 1982) and has trailers for Naughty Neighbours 1, with Jamie Woods and Angel-Long and Naughty Neighbours 2 with just Angel.

Review by Bayleaf

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